The Armenian Genocide

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  • Power to the Three Pashas

    In 1913, the three Pashas came to power in Constantinople (Instanbul).
  • Ottoman Empire enters WWI

    Ottoman Empire enters WWI
    In October of 1914, the Ottoman Empire signs a treaty with Germany and joins the war on their side.
  • Period: to

    Acts of Genocide

    Between the years of 1915 to 1918, there was continuing acts of genocide like murders, looting, raping, deportations, and death marches.
  • Beginning of a Genocide

    Beginning of a Genocide
    April 24th, 1915, the date that most people see as the start of the Armenian genocide. When hundreds of Armenians were arrestd, deported, and later killed.
  • End of an Empire

    End of an Empire
    Turkey signs the armistice with the Allies, finally bringing an end to the Ottoman Empire.