Technology of my Generation

  • laptop

    The first laptop was used on a space mission and is now in the hands of the public.
  • Gameboy

    The gameboy was one of the first handheld electronicvs, taking games on the go was the next big hit in technology.
  • Blu Ray

    The Blu Ray system is the best DVD player in this generation so far, with its high graphics and visuals it made a huge hit, estimasted in about ten years, every home will have aq Blu Ray system in their house.
  • Ninetendo Ds

    One of the best handheld gaming devices of all time, this can just be held at the palms of your hand.
  • Playstation 3

    Playstaion three with its amazing graphics changed the world of gaming, not only is this console for video games, it also has a built in blu ray system so you can watch superb graphics all in one for a pretty cheap and effective price.
  • Xbox 360

    The best gaming device of all time finally came into the hands of the public. With its new Xbox Live, players could compete in games from around the world. Making it the first of its kind.
  • Twitter

    Social networking has grown dramatically through the past few years, with millions of usetrs across the globe, twitter is number 2 in popularity behind Facebook with over 30,000,000 users.
  • Wii

    The wii was the first step in body controlled gaming. with a sensor and a contoller it saw your every movement making it the first ever successful gaming device of its time.
  • Instagram

    The well known instagram has set the world aflame with its picture purpose. Not only can you visit your friends web page but any one elses in the world, any picture you want is at your disposal, and not to mention, free too.
  • Wii u

    The wii u is the next step of motion sensor gaming, With its better graphics and movement it will remove all the flaws of the Wii.