Technology 1990-2013

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    Technology preogression of 1990 to 2013

  • The Hubble Space telescope

    The Hubble Space telescope
    This is the date that the Hubble Space Telescope was moved into a low Earth orbit.
  • World Wide Web

    World Wide Web
    This is the day the World Wide web was released. It was an idea between Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliaus that was to link all of their employees through hypertext.
  • The Smart Pill

    The Smart Pill
    This is a pill that you would swollow and it would give the medicine dose and deliver info about the persons body to the doctor.
  • The DLP Display

    The DLP Display
    Texas Instruments creats the Digital Light Processor. it is a mixture of microscope mirriors using semiconductor techniques to project an image onto a screen or wall.
  • The Windows 95

    The Windows 95
    This is one of the first programs released by Windows. it was usually refered to as Wondows 4.
  • Java computer language

    Java computer language
    Java allows you to play games, open apps, see 3D details, and a lot more. It was created in 1995 but it was a little too advanced with the world but fit in with the World Wide Web.
  • The 8x satellite

    The 8x satellite
    This is a newer version of the KH-12 spy satelite. This one weight about 20 tons but can send more accurate photos that can range about 1000 square miles of the Earths surface.
  • The MP3 player

    The MP3 player
    The MP3 player is a portable device thet you can carry around while listening to music. You donwload the music onto it off the computer and you can create many playthroughts, lists, or seperate the music into different genres.
  • The Playstation 2

    The Playstation 2
    This is the release date in North America. It was released on March 4th in Japan. A Playstation is a game console that allows you to play a game recorded onto a disk. you can also play online with an internet connection.
  • iTunes

    iTunes is a store that is made by Apple. Here you can buy apps, songs, games, and movies. You download these onto the device you want and use them however you want.
  • The first iPod

    The first iPod
    The iPod is a portable music digital player that was released soon after iTunes. It converts audio CDs into a digital music collection.
  • The segway

    The segway
    The sagway is a personal way of transportation. Created by Dean Kamen, it was showed in Bryant Park and broadcasted by Good Morning America.
  • The Optical Camo System

    The Optical Camo System
    this was invented by three people named Susumu Tachi, Masahiko Inami, and Naoki Kawakami. The system
  • Safari

    Safari is a web browser just like Google but is more common on Apple Products.
  • Youtube

    Youtube is an online video sharing website created by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim.
  • The first iPhone

    The first iPhone
    The iPhose is a phone breakthrough made by Apple.The iPhone is a whole new breed of phones. They changed our world and the way we look at things. They are so adanced that we can do almost anything on the phone.
  • The first iPad

    The first iPad
    The ipad was purposly built for reading but people have adapted it just like a computer. it can download apps, books, and videos.
  • The Mars Rover

    The Mars Rover
    This is the day the Rover landed on Mars. It was traveling there for about a month.
  • The first drill results from Mars

    The first drill results from Mars
    Not to long ago the Mars Rover began its first drill action. It is taking samples of the ground and they will be examined soon.
  • The SETI Telescope

    The SETI Telescope
    It is a new telescope that was added to an observatory in Harvord, Massachusetts.