• Dynabook, first concept of Laptop

    Alan Kay invented the concept of Laptop called Dynabook, he envisioned the idea of portable computers for children for education purposes. Although Dynabook was never manufactured, it began the revolution of Laptop.
  • Microsoft Windows

    The first version of Windows released in 1985, it had impact and changed people lives in different ways. People can do various things such as create documents, drawing or create a spreadsheet.
  • World Wide Web (WWW) Released to Public

    Before the released of World Wide Web (W3), people have leave their house and see in person to connect with each other. After the release of World Wide Web to public, it created a revolution allowing people to connect easier.
  • Internet Explorer

    With the boom of World Wide Web released to the public, and the release of the Internet Explorer in 1995. It was one of the most pupular tool to access the internet. People used to discover the internet, create website and do various thing.
  • Six Degree, First social media site

    Six Degree, a platform created in 1997 enable users to create a profile and make friends with others.