• Internet started

    Internet started
    Internet it is an immediate communication network.
    In that year for the first time the Internet originated in the United States during the Cold War.
    John Licklider (direct predecessor of the Internet) was in charge of computer research
    It originated with the objective that, in the hypothetical case of a Russian attack, military information could be accessed from anywhere in the country. This network was created in 1969 and with the name of ARPANET.

    It is a computer network created by the US Department of Defense as a secure means of communication between the different agencies of the country.
    Where information arrived from one end of the country to the other. Free of possible attacks
  • E-mail

    Ray Tomlinson, created the first email application on the ARPANET network, precursor of the Internet. This application called SNDMSG was able to send messages to other people via network.
  • @

    The e-mail engineer was Ray Tomlinson,he believe it in 1971, Ray was looking for a symbol to identify e-mail and one of the few available on the keyboards was the arroba.
  • It is in everywhere

    It is in everywhere
    In this year Internet expands in everywhere in the world
  • Domain Name Server

    Domain Name Server
    The domain name system was created in 1984 together with the first Domain Name Server (DNS). The domain name system was important because it made Internet addresses more user-friendly and easier to use compared to IP addresses. Therefore, a user could type the domain name of a company, instead of its IP address, which in most cases is quite complicated to remember.
  • Worm Morris

    Robert Morris known as Worm Morris: He created a program with great ability to reproduce, but never thought that it would spread so quickly and extensively. His idea was not to make computers slow down, but rather the program would be copied once into each machine and then hidden in the network. The motivation of Morris is unknown, although it is possible that he pretended a high-tech practical joke, taking advantage of those mistakes.
  • Internet worm

    Internet worm
    The program tried to find out the passwords of other computers using a search routine that permuted the names of known users, a list of the most common passwords and also random search. They discovered that not all computers were affected, but only spread on DEC's VAX computers .
  • WWW

    This acronym in English means WORLD WIDE WEB was the starting point for the Internet to become something social and popular.
    Its originated by Tim Berners
  • Searchers

    Is a computer system that searches for files stored on web servers thanks to its spider (also called web spider) .
    One example are Internet search engines (some search only on the web, but others also search for news, services such as Gopher, FTP, etc.) when requesting information about a topic.
    It started in that year but it was increasing its speed, ability ...
    So there were different seekers throughout history.
  • A new website

    A new website
    In this year The White House launches its website, Using INTERNET so that users could see it.
    In it they inform about the news of the United States.
  • Interenet explorer

    Interenet explorer
    It was one of the most important searchers on the Internet.
    It was developed by Microsoft.
    Later several identical platforms were developed but more developed according to the time in which it happened.
    In total there were 11 versions. The last one was developed on November 7, 2013.
  • Popularity

    Approximately 45 million people use the Internet, approximately 30 million in North America (United States and Canada), 9 million in Europe and 6 million in Asia and the Pacific (Australia, Japan, etc.). 43.2 million (44%) of US households own a personal computer, and 14 million of them are online

    The 2000 will be remembered as the year in which a lot of investors lost their money on the Net. Hundreds of companies closed, some of which never came to give benefits to their investors. The NASDAQ, which showed a large number of technology companies, was affected by losing 10% of its value in a single day, reaching minimums in October 2002
  • Wikipedia

    Was created on January 15, 2001 as an open edition project that aimed to speed up the development of the now defunct encyclopedia and has grown continuously in number of articles and language editions until now the first image used by wikipedia was the American flag
  • Mozilla Firefox

    Mozilla Firefox
    It is a free and open source web browser8 developed for Linux, Android, iOS, macOS and Microsoft.
  • Safari

    Apple is esencial in Safari:
    Before the release of Safari, Apple included Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser for Mac to their computers as the default browser.1 The first beta version of Safari was presented at the Macworld exhibition on January 7, 2003 and was released in the form of a public beta. Its version 1.0 was launched in June 2003. Version 1.1 was published in October of the same year and became the first version of Safari to be the default browser for Mac OS X.2
  • Facebook

    is an American company that offers online social networking and social media services based in Menlo Park, California. Its website was launched on February 4, 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, along with other students at Harvard University
  • Youtube

    Is a website that allows users to upload, download, view and share videos. Founded in February 2005 by 3 former PayPal employees: Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jaweb Karim.
  • First iPhone with Internet

    First iPhone with Internet
    The iPhone was a high-end smartphone with Internet in your pocket . It was the 1st generation of Apple's mobile phone device launched exclusively for the US market in 2007. After the appearance of the new versions it was known as iPhone 1 or iPhone 2G.
  • Google Chrome

    Google Chrome
    It was developed by GOOGLE
    It has more than 750 million users, and depending on the global measurement source, it can be considered the most used browser on the Web, varying up to second place, sometimes achieving world popularity in the first position. Currently the number of users increased considerably, reaching a market share of 54%, making it the most used browser in the entire planet.

    This year has brought one of the biggest changes to the Internet, since the US government it will let in some way release the control it had over ICANN, the regulator of Internet domains.
  • In the present

    In the present
    Internet is esencial in our cotidian life.
    In the last two decades, access to the Internet has become a basic necessity, mainly for urban populations. Therefore, denying access to the Internet is a violation of human rights, at least according to the United Nations, which already qualifies it as a fundamental right that facilitates the exchange of information.
  • Its development

    Its develop huge time but today is the most important red in the world.Internet is necessary in the work,house or at school.
  • More about Internet

    More about Internet
    This are videos andd more information about the Internet :