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History Of The Internet

  • Period: to

    History of the Internet

  • US forms ARPA

    US forms ARPA
    A Blink of ARPAPictureUSSR launches Sputnik,the first artifical earth satellite.Satellites play an important role in transmitting data today.US forms the Advanced Research Projects Agency ( ARPA now renamed DARPA ) within the Department of Defense ( DoD) to establish US lead science and technology fitting to the miltary.
  • More Papers!!!!!

    More Papers!!!!!
    paper picture•John Licklider & W. Clark writes first paper on Internet Concept which is called ,"On-Line Man Computer Communications."
    • Len Kleinrock writes Communication Nets, which describes design for the packet switching network; to be used for ARPAnet.
  • Len Klienrock's paper

    Len Klienrock's paper
    Leonard Kleinrock with his first interface message processorLen Kleinrock, Professor at UCLA, writes first paper on packet switching, "Information Flow in Large Communications Nets." Paper published in RLE Progress Report.Packet switching is the main technology behind the internet.Packet switching is a digital networking communications method that groups all transmitted data in "packets".
  • T_T another paper,

    T_T another paper,
    paper picture. Paul Baran writes first paper on using message blocks to send info across a decentralized networktopology(Nodes and Links).
  • First Experiment on Network

    First Experiment on Network
    Computer"Two computers talked to each other using packet-switching technology "experiment by Larry Roberts at MIT.
    -first"wide area network"created ( connection between Berkeley and MIT)
  • ARPA project begins

    ARPA project begins
    Larry Roberts
    -plan for APRANET project is published
    -ARPA project begins and Larry Roberts is chief scientist.
  • APRAnet contract sent to Cambridge,Mass

    APRAnet contract sent to Cambridge,Mass
    ARPAnet contractARPANet contract given to Bolt, Beranek & Newman (BBN) in Cambridge, Mass.
  • Birth Of Internet

    Birth Of Internet
    -Interface Mesage Processor ( IMP )
    -First ARPANet node installed at UCLA Network Measurement Center ( Sept. 1, 1969 )
    -Second Node installed at Stanford Research Institute ( Oct. 1, 1969 ) SRI
    -Third node installed at University of California, Santa Barbara ( Nov. 1, 1969 ) UCSB
    -Fourth node installed at University of Utah ( Dec. 1, 1969 )UTAH
    -Fifth node installed at BBN ( Cambrigde , Mass )
  • 23 HOSTS

    23 HOSTS
    -the first e-mail was sent by RAY TOMLINSON.
  • Creeper Virus

    Creeper Virus was the first virus created by Bob Thomas.Creeper used the ARPANET to infect DEC PDP-10 computers running the TENEX operating system.Creeper gained access via the ARPANET and copied itself to the remote system where the message, "I'm the creeper, catch me if you can!" was displayed. The Reaper program was created to delete Creeper.
  • E-mail

    -APRANET went public
    First basic e-mail programs written by Ray Tomlinson at BBN for ARPANET"@" sign chosen for its "at" meaning.
  • Global Networking Becomes Reality

    Global Networking Becomes Reality
    -First international connections to the ARPANET
    -Ethernet outlined -- how local networks are connected today.
    -Internet ideas started.
    -Gateway architecture sketched in hotel lobby in San Francisco. Gateways define how large networksdcan be connected together.
    -75% of all ARPANET traffic is e-mail
    -File Transfer protocol specified
  • March 1973-1974

    March 1973-1974
    intelintel .- First ARPANET international connections to University College of London and NORSAR .
    -Intel releases 8080 processor.
    - "A Protocol for Packet Network Interconnection," which details the design of TCP/IP.
    -Networks start being launched.
  • Apple

    apple ads' >Apple</a>
    -Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak start Apple Computer.
    -The Queen sends out an e-mail.
  • Internet and E-mail takes off

    Internet and E-mail takes off
    Smile!E-mail Man-Number of hosts breaks 100
    -THEORYNET provides e-mail to over 100 researchers in computer science,MAIL SPECIFICATION
    -First demonstration on ARPANET/Packet Radio Net/SATNET
    -first time emoticons being used :) :(
  • 3Com

    (Computer Communication Compatibility)Bob Metcalfe found 3Com (Computer Communication Compatibility).
  • mORE!

    ARPA establishes the ICCB.
  • 1981-DOS

    Microsoft-Provides electronic mail and listserv servers to distribute information, as well as file transfers -CSNETestablished to provide networking services ( like e-mail ) to university scientists with no access to ARPANET.CSNET becomes know as the Computer and Science Network
    -IBM announces its first Personal Computer. Microsoft creates DOS.
  • TCP / IP DEFINES future communication

    TCP / IP  DEFINES future communication
    -DCA and ARPA establishes the TCP ( Transmission Control Protocol ) and IP ( Internet Protocol ) therefore leading to one of the great definitions of an internet as a connected set of networks
    -tHE INternet Is BORN using the TCP/IP standard
  • Internet is still getting bigger...

    Internet is still getting bigger...
    -Name server is developed.
    -desktop workstations come into being
    -Internet Activities Board (IAB) established, replacing ICCB
  • still getting bigger...

    still getting bigger...
    -number of hosts breaks 1,000 ( more computers are linked)
    -DNS introduced ( server --> data network service)

    -5,000 HOSTS,241 News groups
    -NSFNET created (speed of 56 Kbps)
    * NSFNET are federal agencies that share cost of infrastructures.It is the support behind the 'Internet Activites Backbones '
    -Network News Transfer Protocoldesigned to enhance Usenet news performance and beat TCP/IP.
  • Internet being commercialised

    Internet being commercialised
    -Host number:28,000
    -UUNET is founded with Usenix funds to provide commercial UUCP and Usenet access.
  • Commercialisation of Internet

    Commercialisation of Internet
    -NSFNET backbone upgraded to T1
    -Internet Relay Chat developed
  • First Internet Worm

    First Internet Worm
    iNTERNET wOrmThe first internet worm is unleashed by Robert Morris. It infects about 6000 computers. It causes no physical damage, it clogs up the internet and loses hundreds of thousands of dollars in computer time.
  • lARge Growth In InTerNet

    lARge Growth In InTerNet
    Hosts: OVER A 100,000!!!!!
    -First relays between a commercial electronic mail carrier and the Internet
    -Internet Engineering Task Force and Internet Research Task Force comes into existence under the IAB
    -WWW concept by Tim Berners-Lee invented HTML .

    netscape-300,000 HOST COMPUTERS
    -first browser/editor program ( NETSCAPE ) introduced.
    -ARPANET is no longer there , first search engine ( Archie ) .
  • Mail

    HotmailWindows3.2 million hosts and 3,000 websites
    -Hotmail starts web-based e-mail
    -World Wide Web Consortium was founded.
    -(DEC)Microsoft licenses technology from Spyglass to create Web browser for Windows 95.
    -The World Wide Web gains a new name -- > YAHOO! and receives 100,000 visitors.
  • JAVA

    Java*JAVA source code was released
    -6.4 million hosts and 25,000 websites.
  • Mirabilis

    -Mirabilis ( Isare ) starts ICQ
    -Browser wars begin. Netscape and Microsoft are the two biggest players.

    *19.5 million hosts and 1.2 million websites
    *I was born!

    Google was founded
  • AOL

  • 2001

    NAPSTER110 million hosts and 30 million websites
    -AOL and TIMEWARNER merge approved
    -Napster must remain offline until it can prevent copyrighted material from being shared by its users.
  • 2003

    Nearly half of us are connected.47% of UK homes have internet access and 58% have a PC.
  • Facebook

    Mark Zuckerburg launches FACEBOOK at Havard.The site has 30 million members within 3 years.
  • Flickr

    FlickrFlickr is born , conforming with the rise in digital photography.
    Kodak discontinues reloadable film cameras in Western Europe and North America in this year,
  • Youtube and Skype

    Youtube and Skype
    Skype-Internet starts to threaten television and telephone companies.
    -Youtube launches to let people easily publish videos online. -Within a year, Google buys Youtube for $1.65 billion even though it has it's own video uploading site.
    -Phone companies are threatened by free internet-based phone calls. Skype enables two million calls at any moment,and has a user base of 53 million.
    -eBAY buys Skype for $2.6 billion .
  • Conclusion

    -In 2007 their were 1.114 billion on the internet according to a Internet World Stats.
    -In 2010,facebook annouced they had 4 million active users.
    There are probably more than 1.114 billion on the internet.