Internet History

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    Internet History

    This is all about the history of the Internet.
  • USSR

    USSR launched Sputnik 1.
  • Computer Research Program

    Computer Research Program
    Computer research program was started by John Licklider. (MIT) Image from -
  • Wide Area Network Connection

    First wide are network connection between Berkely and MIT.

    Plans for ARPANET were published
  • IMP

    Interfacee Message Processor (IMP)
    There were now 4 computers (UCLA,SRI,UCSB & UTAH)
  • Start of the Internet

    Start of the Internet
    The internet was first started in 1969. It was used to send messages in the military. It was intended to be used as a bomb proof comunications net work. The first node was installed at UCLA Network Measurement Center. Image from- Google Maps
  • The Second And Third Node

    The second node was installed at Stanford Research Institute and the third node was installed at UCSB,Santa Barbara and the fourth note was at U of Utah. The first message sent was "lo" they were trying to say log in but the system crashed.
  • The Fifth Node

    The fifth node was installed at BBM, Cambridge Mass
  • Hosts & nodes

    There were now 23 host computers and 15 nodes.
  • First Virus

    The computer virus was on ARPANET,in the military network. It's name was Creeper and it infected DEC computers across the network. This kind of virus is called a computer worm.

    France began its own project that was like APARNET in 1972, called CYCLADES. Cyclades was eventually shut down, it did help think of a key idea. The idea was that the host computer should be responsible for data transmission rather than the network itself.

    APARNET went public. First "ICCC"
    The first program from person to person communication. otherwise known as e-mail.
  • First E-mail

    First E-mail
    The first e-mail program was made by Ray Tomlinson at BBN. It was very basic. Image from -
  • Traffic

    75% of all ARPANET traffic was e-mails.
  • International Conections

    The first international connections were made in 1973 at University College of London ,England and NORSAR, Norway.
  • TCP/IP

    TCP/IP meant that every network should work on its own. Within each network there should be a "gateway". Packages would be routed through the fastest available route.
  • Networks Launched

    Networks Launched
    Everyone started launching networks. (universities, colleges, people, etc.) Image from -
  • Apple

    Apple Computer was founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak and Queen Elizabeth II sent out her first e-mail.
  • The first PC modem

    The first PC modem
    The first PC modem was invented in 1977 by Dennis Hayes and Dale Heatherington.
    The picture above is Dale and I got the image from
  • Emoticons

  • Internet

    The internet born using TCP/IP standard.
  • DNS

    DNS stands for Domain Name System was invented. It was designed by Jon Postel, Paul Mockapetris, and Craig Partridge. They created edu, .gov, .com, .mil, .org, .net, and .int. If you don't understand what a domain name is click the link for a video below.
    What is a Domian Name?
    Image from-
  • Hosts

    There were now 100 hosts and more computers linked.

    Introduction of DNS. The federal agencies created rules for the internet.
  • First Registered Domain

    The first registered domain was
  • Developing

    In 1987 there were 10,000 hosts on the internet and there were 25 million PCs sold in the United States alone.
  • Computers

    1 billion 544 million bytes per minute on computers.
  • WWW

    The WWW concept was made by Tim Bernes - Lee. Image from -
  • McAfee

    In two years the number of hosts went from 10,000 to 100,00 and in 1989 McAfee launched an anti-virus software that was totally free. Image from -
  • Search Engine

    Search Engine
    First search engine was made and its name was Archie Image from -
  • Editing.

    First browser/editor program.
  • Webcam

    The first webcam was made at a Cambridge University computer lab,
  • NSF

    NSF removed restrictions on private access. Image from -
  • Increases

    Great increases in hosts were happenign between. 1989 -2000. 1989 - 100,000 hosts
    1990 - 300,000 hosts
    1994 - 3. 2 Million hosts and 3000 websites.
  • Hotmail

    Hotmail starts web based e-mail. Image from -
  • Hosts

    1995 - 6.4 millions hosts and 25,000 websites.
  • Google

  • Hosts

    2001 - 110 million hosts and 30 million websites
  • Youtube

    Youtube was launched on February 14, 2005. It was made for free online video hosting. Image from -
  • Twitter

    Twitter was launched in 2005. It was originally goingt o be called twittr. That was inspired by Flickr. The first tweet was "just setting up my twttr". Image from -
  • Current Hosts

    As of September 2009 there are 1.73 billion hosts