Evolution of the Internet

  • WAN

    Who created first wide-area network (WAN)?
    Used in the U.S. Air Force to link phones, computers and modems, WAN is now used over a grand scale, reaching great lengths, and certain areas within a large space.

    Who created Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) and when?
    In the late 1950's, President Dwight D. Eisenhower, created DARPA to form and execute research and development projects to expand the wide growth of technology and science
  • Packet Switching

    Packet Switching
    What pioneer is responsible for packet-switching concept?
    In the early 1960's, Paul Baran created the concept of packet switching. There are three commonly used techniques of packet-switching
    -Circuit Switching
    -Packet Switching
    -Message Switching
  • The Internet

    The Internet
    What year was the Internet invented? By whom?
    In the early 1960's, a man named J.C.R. Licklider, the person behind the concept of the internet.
  • The Modem

    The Modem
    When was the modem invented and by whom?
    A year later, a man named Brent Townshend, created the modem. A modem converts complex digital signals, into one unison easy to read format.
  • Apple

    When was Apple found?
    Founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne, Apple was found in April 1, 1976
  • IBM

    When did IBM launch the personal computer?
    In August 1981, IBM was the first personal computer.
  • The Emoji

    The Emoji
    Who used the first emoticon?
    Scott E. Fahlman, an American computer scientist, typed :-) and considered it looked like a funny face and then suggested :-( is the more sad, more serious expression. Thus the first "Emoji".
  • The Brain Boot Sector Virus

    The Brain Boot Sector Virus
    In 1986, the first virus appeared on a computer disc that was caused by two Pakistani brothers.
  • Morris

    When was the first worm created and what was the name?
    Robert Tappan Morris, the creator and coder of the first worm, aka Morris
  • WWW (World Wide Web)

    WWW (World Wide Web)
    Who introduced the World Wide Web?
    Tim Berners-Lee, a British Scientist, was the founder and creator for the World Wide Web.
  • The Michelangelo Virus

    The Michelangelo Virus
    When was the Michelangelo virus created?
    The first accidental virus that broke its way into the internet occurred on March 6, 1991. The origin of the virus is still unknown.
  • Mosaic Web Browser

    Mosaic Web Browser
    When was the Mosaic web browser launched?
    Mosaic was first released in September 1993, developed in the United States by Marc Andreessen and others from the National Center for Supercomputing Applications at the University of Illinois
  • Yahoo!

    When was Yahoo founded?
    Before Google, there was Yahoo. The Yahoo! app was found in January 1994, in Sunnyvale, CA.
  • Amazon & eBay

    Amazon & eBay
    Amazon and eBay was founded when?
    Jeff Bezos, becoming the richest man in the world, created Amazon to help ship packages to customers for great prices in July 5, 1994. eBay, being another shipping delivery app, was released the very next year by Pierre Omidyar.
  • Internet Explorer

    Internet Explorer
    When was Internet Explorer launched? By whom? On July 1995, Microsoft Corporation developed Internet Explorer and the World Wide Web.
  • AOL

    When did AOL launch instant messenger?
    In May 1997, AOL Instant Messenger (AOL) was introduced to the internet. But with competitors like Facebook and Twitter, they were overshadowed and undegraded.
  • Google

    When was Google founded?
    Founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google was found in September 4, 1998.
  • iTunes & Safari

    iTunes & Safari
    When did Apple launch iTunes and Safari browsers?
    Apple released iTunes in January 9, 2001, when 2 years later launched Safari on January 3, 2003.
  • Skype

    Who bought Skype and when?
    In the day and age of young technology, Skype along side other apps, were in the same basket. Microsoft bought Skype so that people could voice call and video chat online.
  • Facebook

    When was Facebook launched? By whom?
    Mark Zuckerberg, launched Facebook in 2005, and it became the "largest social network in the world."
  • Cabire

    What was the first mobile virus and when was it created?
    The first mobile virus appeared on June 15, 2004, at precisely 19:17 Moscow time. Spread through unsecured Bluetooth connections, the first malware virus was realized and named Cabire.
  • Youtube

    When was YouTube launched and by whom?
    One of the main stream app young kids, teens, and adults use to entertain, learn or just pass the time, YouTube was created in the 2000's by a group of men; Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim.
  • iPhone

    When does Apple launch the iPhone?
    June 29, 2007 was the release date for Apple to introduce iPhone.
  • Instagram & Pinterest

    Instagram & Pinterest
    When was Instagram and Pinterest launched?
    In 2010, both Pinterest and Instagram were launched. Though Pinterest being that year in January and Instagram in late August they both were, and still are, big apps used in the Internet.