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History of the Internet

  • USSR Launches Sputnik

    USSR Launches Sputnik
    First space craft launched into space. Ability to have global communication.
  • United States Creates ARPA

    United States Creates ARPA
    Advanced Research Projects Agency(ARPA) is created in response to USSR launching Sputnik
  • ARPA Sponsors Networking Study

    ARPA sponsors study on "cooperative network of time-sharing computers."
  • ARPAnet Project Initiated

    Robert Taylor initiates the ARPAnet project, the foundation for today’s Internet. ARPAnet's design starts a year later.
  • ARPAnet Introduces Email

    Allows people to send mail virtual in minimal time.
  • The First Internet Service Provider Is Created

    ISP creation leads to commercialized version of ARPnet
  • Microsoft Is Created

    Bill Gates and Paul Allen create their first home computer program, thus creating Microsoft
  • Apple Is Created

    Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne create their non open source home computer.
  • USENET is created

    USENET goes live, allowing people across the world to host news and discussion groups!
  • Domain Name System Develops Modern Domain System

    DNS establishes the familiar .edu, .gov, .com, .mil, .org, .net, and .int system for naming websites, making the internet extensively more accessible.
  • The Well and GENie Go Live, Creating The First Internet Social Media

  • Cisco Starts To Ship Personal Routers

    This allows the internet to become more available from people's own home.
  • Tim Berners-Lee Creates World Wide Web(WWW)

    Tim Berners-Lee Creates World Wide Web(WWW)
    Tim Berners-Lee creates the World Wide Web. Robert Cailliau is a key proponent of the project. Later, Cailliau develops, along with Nicola Pellow, the first web browser for the Mac OS operating system.
  • Linus Torvalds Creates Linux

    Linus Torvalds Creates Linux
    Linux becomes the leading supporter of Open Source software.
  • Al Gore Creates Bill to Fund "Information Superhighway"

    Al Gore creates the High-performance Computing and Communications Act of 1991, which allocates $600 million for high performance computing and helps create the National Research and Educational Network. The Gore Bill also creates the National Information Infrastructure, known as the Information Superhighway.
  • Netscape Communications Is Born

    Netscape Communications Is Born
  • Microsoft Introduces Windows 95

    Microsoft Introduces Windows 95
    Windows 95 comes with a built in web browser, marking what some consider the beginning of "The Dot Com Era."
  • Internets First Public Chatroom Service is Created With The Palace

    Internets First Public Chatroom Service is Created With The Palace
    Allows people all over the word to be able to chat with anyone instantly.
  • Yahoo! Is Created

    Yahoo! Is Created
    Jerry Yang and David Filo, two electrical engineering graduate students at Stanford University. Considered the first public internet search engine.
  • MP3 Is Developed

    Karlheinz Brandenburg and his team settle on a file extension for the audio format, shortening MPEG1, Layer 3 to MP3. This becomes the standard for how to compress and listen to music online.
  • Is Created Is Created
    First internet dating website. Allows people to interact and date through online conversations and interests.
  • Is Started

    Six Degrees is the template for modern social media. Allowed people to connect with others with similar interests.
  • Netlix Is launched

    Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph create netflix to allow people to rent DVD's from their website. Spends the next 25 years changing how we watch movies and television
  • Google Is Created

    Google Is Created
    Google search engine becomes the most widely used search engine on the internet.
  • Napster Is Launched

    Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker create Napster, allows people to download music for free, causing artists to panic and changing the music Industry forever.
  • Wikipedia Is Born

    Internets largest encyclopedia
  • Napster Is Forced To Shut Down

    District Court Judge Marilyn Patel issued a preliminary injunction ordering Napster to remove, within 72 hours, any songs named by the plaintiffs in a list of their copyrighted material on the Napster network. The following day, March 6, 2001, Napster, Inc. began the process of complying with Judge Patel’s order.
  • Apple Introduces The iPod

    First major digital portable music player. Allowed you to put about 100 MP3's on it.
  • iTunes Is Launched By Apple

    Apple creates iTunes, which allows people to buy MP3's from Apple own service and platform to put on cd's, iPods, ect.
  • Slingbox Is Launched

    Brothers Blake and Jason Krikorian created Slingbox to allow people to watch their local tv broadcast from a computer/laptop. Introduced the world to streaming entertainment and what DirecTV called "tiVo."
  • Wordpress Is Created

    Wordpress starts the internet trend of blogging
  • Skype Is Launched

    Estonian developers Zahti Heinla, Priit Kasesalu and Jaan Tallinn, Danish developer Janus Friis and Sweden's Niklas Zennstrom create the first major virtual computer camera call service.
  • Facebook Goes Live At Harvard

    Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin launch Facebook, allowing college students to keep in touch, growing to be the most popular social media platform and created the social media boom of the 2000's.
  • Mozilla Launches Firefox

    Mozilla launches their web browser to compete with Internet Explorer. Allows users to use open source code.
  • Youtube Launches

    Youtube launches, allowing easy, accesible videos to be uploaded and watched by millions
  • jack Dorsey Launches Twitter

    Twitter is created, a simple "post your thoughts withy limited characters" social media. Competes with Facebook for users.
  • Netflix Introduces Streaming Service

    Allowed people to rent and watch select titles from their web browser at home. This ultimately ended the rental store industry.
  • Apple Launches iPhone 3G

    First phone to have an accessible web browser. Allowing millions of people to use the internet anytime, anywhere
  • Instagram Launces

    Allows people to share pictures of their daily lives in a social media aspect. Brings popularity of selfies and food pictures.
  • Facebook Reaches 400 Million Users