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MySpace Timeline


    The first interconnected network of networks was founded in 1969 by the Advanced Research Projects Agency with a goal of connecting computers on different college campuses in California and Utah. []
  • The Email

    In November of 1991, the first electronic mail was sent (formerly known and Email) by Ray Tomlinson, a simple message sent to himself via the ARPANET. []

    The first ever computer applications, SNDMSG and READMAIL, written by Ray Tomlinson were published and became two of the most widely used applications in that time period in which users were able to instant message other users of the same application. []
  • Ethernet

    Robert Metcalf discovered a new way to transmit data, using a cable that allows millions of bits of data to be transferred every second. Originally names "Alto Aloha Network, but was renamed as Ethernet shortly after. []
  • Dial-Up

    The idea of "dial-up" internet gets brought to the table by Dave Farber. Dial-up internet was one of the first sources of home internet in which a computer connects to an internet service via a telephone line []
    The first ever internet domain is registered, which was the website of the company that created single user computer that were able to understand and comprehend the Lisp programming language(
  • World Wide Web

    World Wide Web
    It is unsure what the exact date that the world wide web was officially born on, however in later 1990, Time Berners-Lee, Robert Cailliau started developing the World Wide Web as well as the HyperText Markup Language(HTML) and the Uniform Resource Locator (URL). []
  • The NREN

    Senator Al Gore funds the program that created the National Research and Education Network []
  • The U.N. gets involved

    In 1993, the U.N. and the U.S. step into the picture and create a strong internet presence across the globe.
  • Halls "Personal Homepage"

    In 1994, the first ever blog was created created by Swathmore College student, Justin Hall that he called his "Personal Homepage", at this time the term "blog" still hadn't been coined.[]
  • Contemporary Internet Culture

    1995 was a big year for modern internet, the emergence of the online bookstore, the internet search engine, Yahoo, the online auction site, Ebay and the Internet Explorer web browser by Microsoft all had a tremendous affect on the growing popularity that was the modern internet.
  • Weblogs

    It took until 1997 for the term "weblog" to be coined. A man by the name of Jorn Barger. []
  • Blog

    Two years after the term "weblog" was coined, the term "blog" was finally coined by a man named Peter Merholz, when he separated the word "Weblog" into to two terms "We Blog. The term "blog" was named the 1999 word of the year. []
  • Friendster

    In March of 2002, Friendster, which may be considered the grandfather of social media launched, this was the first ever major social media sight. []
  • LinkedIn

    In May of 2003, LinkedIn started their social media journey in hopes of becoming known as the "business related" social media []
    Myspace is founded in august by the internet marketing firm, Euniverse with Chris Dewolf as the CEO and Tom Anderson as the president. []
  • It's Official

    It's Official
    In January of 2004, Myspace is officially launched.

    In February of 2004, just one month after it's launch, the site reaches 1 million users []

    The site reaches 5 Million active, registered users in just 10 short months []
  • Tom

    "Tom" is automatically added as everyones friend on Myspace in an effort to keep better track of the sites active users. []
  • SOLD

    In July of 2005, the site and the parent company were sold to Rubert Murdoch's corporation for $580 million.
  • The big 5

    In 2005, the site was named "the 5th most views internet domain in the U.S." []
  • Finally number 1

    In July 2006 Myspace beat Google and Yahoo! to become the most viewed site on the internet in the U.S.
  • Sex Offender Info Agreement

    In May of 2007, Myspace announces an agreement with the Attorneys General to disclose information on the site about registered sex offenders, becoming one of the first social media sites to contribute to the common safety of American citizens.
  • Here come competition!

    In April of 2008, Facebook finally catches up the the numbers of Myspace, creating a more competitive market for social media sites.
  • The peak

    In December of 2008, right before the new year, Myspace reaches it's peak. []
  • No more CEO

    In April of 2009, Chris DeWolfe, the original CEO of the company steps down from his position.
  • Period: to

    The Decline

    in early-mid 2010, as Facebook gains popularity, Myspace starts to notice a major decline in the number of active users.[]
  • the big Lay-Off

    In April of 2011, Myspace lays off an upwards of 500 employees from their workforce. []
  • For Sale!

    In April of 2011, the company officially goes on sale. The company stays on the market for months before any legitimate offers are made. []
  • Period: to


    After the company went on sale, there were very few offers and the site eventually faded away, making room for the outstanding emergence of Facebook, Twitter and many other social media sites.