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The History of the Internet

  • First 'Global Network' Idea

    In 1960, J.C.R Licklider came up with the idea of a global network, that would link all computers and allow near-instantaneous communications. Before the internet, the only networks were intranets, capable of sharing data with computers or other things only if they were inside the network.
    He was a pioneer in internet ideas.
  • First EVER interconnected goverment networks

    Licklider is hired by Jack Ruina from DARPA, and is given a mandate to connect the networks of the Pentagon and the SAC headquarters with the United States Department of Defense's main computers at Cheyenne Mountain. Great Success!
  • Unix

    Unix goes mainstream
  • First ARPANET Link

    The first ARPANET link was established in 1969 between the University of California, Los Angeles and the Stanford Research Institute. This was a revolution and was soon followed by the december 5th addtion of the University of Utah and the University of California, Santa Barbara. This was a 4-node netowkr, capable of transmitting data over the ARPANET, the fore-runner of the Internet.
  • ARPANET is expanded to form a 4-node network.

    The October ARPANET network was expanded to include the University of Utah and the University of California in Santa Barbera.
  • Email

    Email was invented by Ray Tomilson, who also came up with the idea to use the @ to separate the user- from the domain name
  • The first trans-atlantic connection

    The first trans-atlantic connection is formed, and internet grows in popularity
  • ETHERNET!!!!!

  • The beginning of TCP/IP

    TCP/IP is introduced
  • The email client

  • X.25 Is released for commercial use

    Businesses start to use the new X.25 and the linked Telenet to use a primitive form of email. Unlike ARPANET, it was available for public use, and was less advanced.
  • The PC modem

    Dennis Haves and Dale Heatherington introduce the Wi-Fi modem for PC's (Personal Computers, NOT Windows computers! :) )
  • The Bulletin Board System (BBS)

    The BBS is introduced
  • MUD

    the earliest form of multiplayer games that use the internet to connect
  • Usenet

    Usenet is introduced. Usenet is a form of internet communication that represents the precursor of today's internet forums.
  • The ENQURE system

    The original WorldWide Web!
  • The first emoticon invented

    The first emoticon was used (e.g. :) )
  • Goodbye ARPANET

    The world says goodbye to ARPANET and says a big hello to the TCP/IP system.
  • Desktop Workstation PC's

    Desktop personal computers are introduced
  • First Transatlantic Internet link

    The University College London replaced its transatlantic satellite links with TCP/IP.
  • DNS Systems

    Domain Name Systems are introduced
  • Protocol Wars

    Umm.... like Star Wars???
  • The Internet grows

    there are now 30,000 hosts on the Internet at a backbone speed of 56 kbps (kilobytes per second)
  • Australia Gets IP Links

    In 1989, Australian universities joined the push towards using Internet Protocols to unify their networking infrastructures. AARNet was formed by the Australian Vice-Chancellors' Committee and provided a dedicated IP-address-based network for Australia.
  • First Web Server

    First Web Server
  • AOL is launched

    The AOL email site is launched
  • The proposal for the WorldWide Web

  • Archie search engine

    The First search engine
  • First commercial dial-up ISP

    The first commercial dial system is announced and launched.
  • The protocols for WWW are finished

    The coding for Tim Berners-lee's WWW is completed, along with HTTP, HTML and URLs
  • First webpage

    The first webpage is created
  • First content-based search protocol

    The first content- and title-based search engine is launched. this allows you to search for article content rather than just title content in search terms. It is called Gopher
  • MP3's become standard

    MP3 music becomes the standard for music

    Webcams are invented!
  • Mosaic

    First graphical internet browser
  • Governments jump on the bandwagon

    .gov and .org domain names!
  • Yahoo! founded

    the search engine Yahoo! was founded this year!
  • Netscape navigator

    secure banking transactions are now possible online
  • Commercialization

    The internet is used for businesses!
  • Geocities, the Vatican is connected and JavaScript

    What a year! JavaScript coding language is invented by the Sun cooperation
  • Webmail

    Web-based email is invented! on my birthyear too!
  • Weblog

    The term weblog is coined and utilised (from it we get blog)
  • Google Founded

    Google was founded this year
  • GOOGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    somewhat self-explanitory!
  • File-sharing and peer-to-peer emerges

    File-sharing and p-2-p emerges and enters society, firmly rooting itself down. Napster becomes popular, and is used to download illegal or biegemarket copies of music over the internet
  • First mobile internet connectivity

    The first mobile phone with internet connectivity capabilities was the Nokia 9000 Communicator. This was a Finish phone launched in 1996.
  • First email for mobile phones

    The first email for mobile phones was launched out of the Research in Motion department for the Blackberry.
  • W.A.P is introduced

    Released by Research in Motion, the Wireless Application Protocol was designed for mobile internet devices. It was designed to efficently use the tiny screen, small keypad and one-handed operation of wireless internet devices such as "Palm Pilots" and mobile phones with internet or Wi-Fi access.
  • Wikipedia

    Wikipedia is launched, starting thousands of teacher-student confrontations
  • The iPod is invented

    The original iPod is invented, starting a new wave of internet music downloads
  • VoIP's are now mainstream

    Skype is invented and gives a user-friendly look to Voice over Internet Protocols calling
  • MySpace is now super-popular

    MySpace is now the most popular social networking site EVER
  • Web 2.0

  • Social Media and Digg

  • "The" FaceBook is opened to college and university students

  • YouTube

    Internet video streaming and personal online videos are now extremely popular
  • Twitter starts tweeting

    The 'Birds' are released!
  • Major moves to place TV shows online

    People start placing TV shows onto the internet
  • The iPhone and the Mobile Web

    the iPhone and the Mobile Internet concept are born.
  • The "Internet Election"


    People are able to upload personalities and memories for storage, mobile internet becomes commonplace, shopping and purchases are primarily done online, people are using 3D printers to order basic products and food over the internet in seconds. Hospitals clone organs from information found on the web. Where else do you think we'll go?