Sterns Chapter 17

Timeline created by GabrielNas
In History
  • 1433

    China ends its great expeditions

    China has more problems it has to deal with, and can no longer afford to send out big expeditions.
  • 1492

    Columbus’s first expedition

    This will mark the advancement of the British into America and setting up colonies
  • 1509

    First Spanish colonies on Latin American mainland

    Spanish set up their first colonies in Latin America
  • 1534

    First French explorations in Canada

    The French travel to Canada in hopes of getting their portion of whatever could be found
  • 1562

    Britain begins its slave trade

    Britain begins its slave trade with Africa and the Americas
  • Japan begins isolation policy

    This isolation policy helped economy, but also left them without much knowledge of the outside world, new inventions, and could make them weaker against invasions
  • First permanent british colony in Virginia

    This first settlement was a success and would thrive for the next hundred years
  • Dutch launch colony in Southern Africa

    This colony would be a hub for slave trade in Southern Africa
  • Period: to

    Seven years war

    Would lead to the American revolution, because higher taxes would need to be put on the colonies for many years to come.
  • Period: to

    American Revolution

    The American Revolution would result in America being broken off from British rule, and no longer submitting to British tax