Sport Business Assignment 3

  • Outline Assignment

    Today we were given anoutline of our assignment and worked out what it was that we would be doing for the next 11 weeks.
  • Period: to

    Assignment 3

  • Questionnaires

    Make questionnaires.
  • Promotional Research

    Looked at different methods of promotion that other magazines use.
  • Produce Promotional Materials

    Made a poster.
  • Questionnaires Being Answered

    Questionnaires Being Answered
  • Report on Promotional Activities

    Typed up a report on why we chose to promote our magazine in the way we did and related it to our closest competitors.
  • Magazine

    Front cover of the magazine was designed.
  • Magazine

    2 articles to go in the magazine were made.
  • Questionnaires completed

    All 50 questionnaires were filled in.
  • Questionnaire Report

    We typed up a report of the 50 questionnaires that we had answered.