Spain invation of the aztecs

  • Feb 15, 1519

    cortes sails for mexico from cuba

    they explored the new landand found richesand complex civilization never seen berfore
  • Jul 14, 1519

    tlaxcalan attacks spanish

    when they attaked the spanish and then cortes and his men fought back with guns and steel armour
  • Jul 15, 1519

    spanish form allance with tlaxcalan

    The Tlaxclans thought it would be a good idea to create an alliance with the Spanish because they didnt have a chance of defecting the Spanish.They agreed to join forces with Cortes to defeat the Aztecs.
  • Nov 8, 1519

    moctezuma and cortes meet

    when the two leaders meet ,moctezuma treated cortes as a god But while they did this, Mochtezuma was unsure wheather or not cortes was Quetzalcoatl.
  • Nov 15, 1519

    cortes takes moctezuma hostage

    he took Mochtezuma hostage in the palace Mochtezuma prephared for Cortes to stay in. After Mochtezuma was in the palace then Cortes smashed all the Aztecs idols and replaced them with statues of Roman Catholic saints.
  • May 10, 1520

    Spanish massacure thosands of aztecs while perparing their religious festival

    There were many nobles, preists and warriors at this annual festival. They were all getting ready to sing and dance.then the spanish attacked and the nobles and preists did not have any weapons with them
  • May 11, 1520

    spanish retreats after the aztecs gather arm

    the people of the aztecs gathered are and pushed back the spanish
  • May 12, 1520

    moctezuma dies

    Cortes had Moctezuma translate that the Spanish wanted peace again. Moctezuma was hit hard but a stone his people where throwing at the Spanish and died a few days later.
  • Jun 7, 1520

    the spanish attempt to escape from tenochtitlan but are stopped by the aztecsreferred as the noche triste

    The Aztecs attacked them from all directions. Some Spaniards were carrying stolen gold from the temples. Unwillingly to give up the gold, many were quickly killed or they drowned. 700 Spaniards died, and 2000-3000 Tlaxcalans died.
  • Nov 2, 1520

    aztecs begin to die from small poxs

    While the Spanish and Tlaxcalan's were recovering from the wounds, the Aztecs were dieing from a terrible disease called small pox.
  • Dec 20, 1520

    spanish form a second attack on the weakened aztecs

    the weakened aztecs were defeated with the help of the Tlexclans joining the spanish
  • Aug 13, 1521

    last group of aztecs surrenders

    The Spanish blocked the water ways, This prevented the Aztecs from eating food or drinking water. The Aztecs finally surrendered August, 13, 1521. Huey Tlatoani was taken prisoner and was hanged.
  • Mar 14, 1522

    cortes becomes governor and captain general of new spain

    they destroyed once a beatiful city and crumble it to the ground