Spain Invasion to Aztec

  • Feb 1, 1519

    Cortes sails for Mexico from Cuba

    Cortes sailed from Cuba to Meixco to have the power to conquer the Aztecs........ to expand the empire
  • Apr 16, 1519

    The last group of Aztecs surrender

    The Aztec warriors felt that Moctezuma was weak and had let them down his people, and diminished their reputation. They deserted him, leaving him hostage with the spanish
  • Jul 15, 1519

    Tlaxcalans attack the Spanish

    The Tlaxcalans were enemies of the Aztec and never been conquered by them. They did not want to be under Spanish control. in the summer of 1519 they attacked the Spanish
  • Jul 15, 1519

    Tlaxcalans form alliance with the Spanish

    All they wanted was to conquer and defeat the Aztec. So they decided to form an alliance with the Spanish ( Cortes) to defeat the Aztec
  • Nov 8, 1519

    Moctezuma and Cortes meet

    During the year 1519, Cortes decided to set sail there because he was determined to conquer the empire for the king. With the help of the slave he send the Aztec leader a message he came here for peace. Moctezuma thought he was Quetzalocoatil because they looked alike.
  • Jun 1, 1520

    The Spanish Attempt to escape from Tenochitlitlan but are stopped by the Aztec- later referred to as the Noche Triste

    The Spanish tried to escape Tenochtitlan in the middle of the night to make their way to the coast, but the Aztec discovered them crossing the causeways and attacked. The Aztec attacked them from all sides, even from canoes in the water. Most of the Spanish was carrying stolen gold
  • Nov 1, 1520

    The Aztec begin to die from smallpox

    Cortes and the Tlaxcalan allies retreated to Tlaxcala for about 5 months to recover from their wounds. Meanwhile, the Aztec began dying from smallpox that have been bought by the Spanish to the New World
  • Nov 1, 1520

    The Spanish form a second attack on the now weakened Aztecs

    Since the Aztec caught the smallpox. The Spanish found that as a great opportunity to destory them. The Aztec had no allies to support them in this battle, and with almost half of the population already dead from smallpox, defending against the Spanish became more difficult
  • Feb 15, 1521

    The Spanish retreat after the Aztec gather arms

    The Aztec gathered their arms, and fought so ferciously that the Spanish had to retreat to Cortes palace away from the centre of the city. Any chance of a peaceful agreement between the Aztec and Spanish were gone
  • Feb 15, 1521

    The Spanish massacre thousands of Aztecs while preparing for their religious festival

    For the next six months Cortes and his men remained in Tenochtitlan. The Aztec began preparing for the main annual festival honouring their god Huitzilopochtil. Many nobles, priests gathered the courtyard. Mascared the un armed worshippers. The Aztec were outraged
  • Feb 18, 1521

    Moctezuma dies

    Moctezuma was jeered and seriously hurt by stones hurled at him. He died a few days later, and Cuitlahuac was elected the new huey tlatoani
  • Aug 13, 1521

    Cortes takes Moctezuma hostage

    By then the Aztec empire was crumpling. for 75 days. Cortes blocked the canals, the causeways, and the aqueducts, preventing food and water from reaching the city. Many citizens died from the plague from hunger and contaminated water. Moctezuma then was taken prisoner and hanged. Then Cortes took over the city
  • Aug 16, 1522

    Cortes became governor and captain- general of New Spain

    Once the siege ended, the Spanish destroyed the city. It was horrifying. They pulled down pyramids, and temples, ripped down palaces, and homes, and set houses on fire so no one could hide. They filled the causeways with rubble so no one could escape by boat. Then Cortes became governor, and cpatain-general of New Spain