South Africa´s history

  • Period: Jan 1, 1400 to Jan 1, 1500

    Europeans´ arival

    Europeans started to arrive an to populate the continent, Europeans colonial powers began establishing trading posts along the coast of Africa
  • Dutch arrival

    Dutch arrival
    Dutch´s arrival and colonization
  • Other European nations

    Other European nations
    Other Europeans nations began to explore the interior of the country
  • there were more slaves thn white settlers

    By the 1700s there were more slaves than whites settlers
  • Great Britain imposed their rule

    In the 1806 Great Britain seized the area from the Dutch and began to impose their rule.
  • Period: to

    British abolished slavery

    Between 1834 and 1838 the British abolishes slavery, including those slaves owned by the Boers.
    Even the way the British offered financial compensation angered the Boers
  • Period: to

    The Great Trek

    In 1836, the Boers began gathering their sheep, cattle, and slaves and, loading their ox-drawn wagons with their belongings, they started what is known as The Great Trek. They whanted to go away from British rule. They stablished two independent states: The Transvaal and the Orange Free State
  • By the mid of the 1800s, ten millon Africans had been forced t slavery

  • ninety men were send to the Southern tip of Africa

    the Dutch East India Trading Company sent about ninety men to the southern tip of Africa to set up a kind ofrefreshment station for their ships
  • Europeans had conquered nearly all of Africa

    Europeans had conquered nearly all of Africa
    Increasingly the original black inhabitants of Africa had their land taken from them. By the late 1800s white Europeans had conquered nearly all of Africa
  • British captured Pretoria

    British captured Pretoria, the capital of Transvaal
  • The Boers admitted defeat

    The Boers admitted defeat
  • Union of South Africa declare an independent state within the British Empire

    Union of South Africa declare an independent state within the British Empire. The new constitution gave all the power to whites. Blacks started to be considered as inferior
  • South Africa full independence

  • Apartheid

    Apartheid, was the oddicial policy of South Africa government and allows the racial separation into to main groups (blacks, wivh were considered inferior, and whites, the ones that had rights and privileges