South Africa 1750-1900

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  • Skaka Zulu Builds his Empire

    Skaka Zulu Builds his Empire
    During the late 1700s, Shaka Zulu, a warrior, gained control of many Zulu clans through force and cruelty. He was able to expand his territory greatly through force and cruel acts. His warriors attacked villages and burnt them down. They would kill women and children, call up young men, and tortured chiefs until they would show allegiance. Picture Cite:
  • The Settlement of South Africa

    The Settlement of South Africa
    At first, South Africa was most useful for Europeans for shipping and military reasons. The Dutch arrived first and settled Cape Town as a stopping point for ships on the way to India from Europe. Picture Cite:
  • The British Come to Cape Town

    The British Come to Cape Town
    The British came and took over Cape Town during the Napoleonic Wars. This created resistance from the Boers (descendants of the dutch). The Boers did not like the English changes made in South Africa and Britain's anti-slavery policies. Picture Cite:
  • English Settlers Move to Rural Colonies

    English Settlers Move to Rural Colonies
    Some of the Engish middle-class came to settle in Cape Town. They settled in the rural areas of Cape Town to create buffer zones between Boers and Xhosa. But within three years, many of them moved into the urban cities in South Africa. Picture Cite:
  • Shaka Zulu's Death

    Shaka Zulu's Death
    Shaka was killed by his half-brother Dingane. His death left South Africa in the process of reconstruction. Many people became refugees and the refugees began to fight with the settlers. The clan had disappeared and large communities were established just for safety and defense. Pictue Cite:
  • The Boers Travel

    The Boers Travel
    The Boers began to travel towards the African tribal territory known as Transvaal. The Boers decided to move into the tribal territory because they did not like the English influence and did not agree with Britain's laws. Picture Cite:
  • The Discovery of Diamonds and Gold

    The Discovery of Diamonds and Gold
    Between the years of 1860 and 1880, the Boers discovered gold and diamonds in the Transvaal and began mining for them. The British began hearing about the Boers mining the gold and diamonds so they moved towards Transvaal. The British and Boers both thought they had the rights to the resources which caused a series of fights know as the Boer Wars. Picture Cite:
  • A Change to Industrialization

    A Change to Industrialization
    In the late 19th century, South Africa changed from an agriculture society, where most people lived off the land, to an industrial society. They chaneged to an industrial society because of the disovery of diamond deposits and gold. Picture Cite:
  • The Boer Wars

    The Boer Wars
    The Boer Wars began in 1899. The British were able to capture many of the large Boers cities and Boer annexed territory. The Boers would attack with Guerilla fighting that frustrated the British. The British began to search for these Guerilla fighting groups and destroy them. They would put soldiers and their families into concentration camps. Picture Cited:
  • Peace of Vereeniging

    Peace of Vereeniging
    The British defeated the Boers resistance and won the war. The British and Boers signed Peace of Vereeniging that ended the hostilities. All of South Africa was annexed to the large British empire. Picture Cite: