Social Media timeline assignment

  • Yahoo

    This app holds the latest news and emailing
  • Amazon

    A website/ app where you can online shop for your favorite items for fast and easy shipping.
  • Hot or Not

    Hot or Not
    A site that you can upload your photo to and other people will rate your attractiveness.
  • Myspace

    A site for teens to meet new people and post about themselves and find new music and stream it.
  • Youtube

    Where you can watch videos in your liking and make them as well as become famous if your videos blow up.
  • LinkedIn

    Jobs where people can find businesses hiring and connect with people in your interest.
  • Twitter

    A site to post your feeling , photos and connect with friends.
  • Tumblr

    A place where you can express yourself and connect with people.
  • Weibo

    Facebook and Twitter hybrid used in China.
  • Pinterest

    A searching website of your liking including home decor, arts, crafts, and many more for people to get creative.
  • Emoji

    The emoji first came out on Japanese photos then started growing on Apple and Google products.
  • Instagram

    Like Facebook, but for the younger audience where you could post pictures and follow friends.
  • Kik

    An app where you can text your friends with cool features included.
  • Path

    Social networking whereto can share photos and messages on phones.
  • Keek

    A social media service with posting videos
  • Google Plus

    Google Plus
    A mobile web browser.
  • Snapchat

    A app where you can send photos to people you had made friends with on the app.
  • Vine

    An app to make short videos for fun and follow friends.
  • Tinder

    A dating app where you can swipe right if you like the person and left if you don't.
  • Selfie Created

    Selfie Created
    When you take a picture of yourselves or others with you.
    A app where you can post talking and dancing videos of yourself and others while following people.
  • Periscope

    An app where you could stream and watch live events
  • Facebook Live

    Facebook Live
    This was within Facebook where you could be live video on Facebook for all your friends to see.
  • Tik Tok

    Tik Tok
    An app where people post videos on themselves and gain likes while following what their interest is.
  • Clubhouse

    This app is where you can listen to conversations and make friends to talk to.