(SM) Inheritance, Christopher Paolini, 609

  • Chapter 25-30, pgs. 243-300

    In these chapters Glaedr awakens from his long and restless sorrow and begins to teach Eragon how to better himself with a sword by relaxing and knowing your enemy by instict rather than skill and practice. Then Eragon summons the true form of his sword and him and Arya and Angela and Solembum sneak into Dras-Leona and get captured by the high priest. Total: 57
  • Chapter 30-31, pgs. 301-318

    In these chapters, Eragon, Arya, Angela, and Solembum escape the cruel preist's dungon and defeat him. Then they call upon Saphira the dragon to create a distraction while they open the doors of Dras-Leona and the Varden begins their attack. Total: 74
  • Chapter 31-35, pgs. 319-346

    In these chapters, Eragon uses the magic in his ring, Aren, to clear the path to the gates of Dras-Leona. The Varden, whom were waiting outside the gates, charge into the city and conquer it as Murtagh and his dragon, Thorn, flew away in defeat. Total:101
  • Chapter 35-36, pgs. 347-360

    In these chapters, Murtaugh and Thorn invade the Varden's camp and destroy much of it. They also capture Nasuada, the leader of the Varden and leave most of the camp in chaos. Total: 114
  • Chapter 36-37, pgs. 361-370

    In these chapters, Eragon fails to rescue Nasuada from Murtaugh and Thorn and realizes that he is to become her predecessor. He doesn't want this, but seeing no other alternative, Eragon tries to pursuade the Varden's council not to abandon them and ries to give them hope of defeating Galbatorix. Finally' when the meeting of the council ends' everyone is on board. Total: 122
  • Chapter 37-40, pgs. 371-400

    In these chapters, Eragon has a dream that he thinks is a vision but is not sure what it means. Then, finally accepting his fate as the Varden's leader,a sense of dread settles upon Eragon. When this happens, Eragon remembers the words that Solembum the werecat once metioned to him about finding his way when all seems lost. Taking this advise Eragon looks through the book Domir abr Wyrda and fnds exactly what he's looking for. Total: 142
  • Chapter 40-41, pgs. 401-406

    In these chapters, Eragon and Saphira try to convince the Varden's council to let them go on a journey to seek out the Rock of Kuthian because they think it is of significance. After successfully convincing them, he finds the courage to adress the Varden as a whole as their new leader. Also, Nasuada begins her torture as she is trapped in Galbatorix's clutches. Total: 157
  • Chapter 41-43, pgs. 407-428

    In these chapters, Nasuada begins her days in the captivity of Galbatorix and is strapped down to a table in a baren room and unable to move because of her bounds. She is fed like a child from a servent of Galbatorix. When Galbatorix finally faces her he tells her that he knows all of her secrets and Eraon's and she is bewildered. He also says that he did not capture her for information but to make her a mamber of his reign so she would help him conquor Alagaesia. Total: 178
  • Chapter 43-47, pgs. 429-482

    In these chapters Nasuada is still prisoner but she's thinking that Murtaug will be an alli in her escape. Meanwhile, Eragon, Glader, and Saphira fly to Vroengard in search of the Rock of Kuthian. However, they almost perish on the journey there because they decided to fly through a very large and violent storm. Total: 231
  • Chapter 47-50, pgs. 483-522

    In these chapters, Nasuada tries to escape her improsonment but fails and is restrained yet again only to have to endure the worst of her tortures so far. Also, Eragon, Saphira and Glader make it safely to Vroengard but discover that is uninhabitable. They also find the Rock of Kuthian and discover that they have to speak their true names to it, which dismays them further. Total: 270
  • Chapter 50-52, pgs. 523-548

    In these chapters, Nasuada (again in Galbatorix's clutches) is being manipulated into thinking reality is not what it seems, but Murtaugh helps her through it and becomes more and more of a friend as the days wear on. Meanwhile, Eragon and Saphira (with some assistance from Glader) finally discover their true names and are ready to open the Vault of Souls. Total: 315
  • Chapter 52-62, pgs 549-632

    In these chapters, Eragon and Saphira enter he Vault of Souls and discover that within them lies hidden Eldunari and eggs not yet hatched. When they leave they have forgotten all about it because they do not want their enemies to search their minds and disover them. Afterwards, Eragon and Saphira return to the Varden and meet with the council and finally decide to attack Galbatorix at dawn. When they do they hope to take him by surprise. Total: 398
  • Chapter 62-64, pgs. 633-672

    In these chapters, the Varden attack Galbatroix's city. Eragon, Saphira, and Ayra make it past all of Galbatorix's death traps with the help of Elva and make it to the throne room. Once there they are trapped by Galbatorix because he uses the name of all names to restrict any magic produce by them. Then, Galbatorix forces Eragon an Murtaugh to fight each other. Also, Roran leads his own invasion force and meets Lord Barst, whom Galbatorix trusted to lead his troops. Total: 437
  • Chapter 64-68, pgs. 673-746

    In these chapters, Eragon defeats Murtaugh in combat and then they all turn against Galbatorix and make him understand everyone's pain. Then Galbtorix takes too much strain and ultimately destroys himself and most of his castle. Eragon and everyone else make it out alive and take the rest of the city. Murtaugh also decides to leave and come back when the time is right. Also, Roran defeats Lord Barst. Total: 510
  • Chapter 68-71, pgs. 747-795

    In these chapters Nasuada is elected the new Queen of Alagaesia and has to make some changes to the kingdom as well as release cities from their bonds to Galbatorix. Also, Eragon and Saphira have not seen Arya in a while so when she asks them to meet her the following day, they jump at the chance. When they see her they discover that she has been appointed queen of Ellesmera and has become a rider with the green dragon Firnen. Total: 555
  • Chapter 71-75, pgs. 795-849

    In these chapters Eragon and Saphira decide to raise the dragon eggs somewhere far beyond Alagaesia and their friends and family. They have a very difficult time saying their goodbyes because they know they will not be able to return. After much celebrating the day of departure finally arrives and is filled with many tears. Once the ship carrying Eragon and Saphira departs into the sunset, they have much to learn about what lies ahead. Total: 609