Sister irene mc cormack

Sister Irene Mc Cormack

  • Birth of Sister Irene Mc cormack

  • Period: to

    Timespan of Sister Irene Mc Cormack

  • Becomming a Joshephite

    Becomming a Joshephite
    She became a sister of saint Joseph. she was now known as Sister Irene Mc Cormack
  • Final Vowels

    Final Vowels
    She took her final vowels between 1965-1969
  • Irene Mc Cormack graduates from school

    Irene Mc Cormack graduates from school
    she graduated from university of Western Australia.
  • Relentless approaches to sister Irene

    In 1969 she felt an urge which was also known as the relentless of spirit. this made her move and made her do something good.
  • Helping the Poor

    Helping the Poor
    Sister Irene helped the poor by educating them. she also taught them how to dance and play aussie rules football.
  • going to Huasahuasi

    going to Huasahuasi
    As she became a missionary for peru, she went to Huassahuassi to educate the poor and teach them about christianity.
  • The Library

    Sister irene created a library for the children to be educated, sister irene provided: books, toys and much more so the children are happy.
  • Becomming a target in Peru

    Becomming a target in Peru
    Sister Irene became a target in Peru, she was targeted because she was helping the poor and educating them.
  • Death

    On may 21st 1991, a loud bang was heard on the door, Sister irene quickly changed out of her nun outfit and went to see who was at the door. she was escorted to a plaza. they were laid face down and they were shouted at. at 8pm they were executed. sister Irene was the first to be executed. They say that a Young girl had executed Sister Irene.