Seven Phases of the Slave Trad

By Daryl16
  • P1

    Europeans are traveling to africa , trading goods for people , this is the first phase of the slave trade
  • Period: to

    Europeans going to africa

    The european traveled to africa it took 2-4 months . They came back with african slaves.
  • P3 Holding Prisons

    Africans were taking into into holding prisons. Accumulation of captives uses by holding african , afro-european and european supervisors
  • Initial Capture

    African-on-African violence, prompted by European demand for forced labor , coercion.
  • P4 Loading

    Small groups loaded ships which travel down the african coast.
  • P5 Altanic Passage

    Survival and Resistance
  • P6 Initial Landing and Enslavement

    "Breaking" process; Resistance exchanging country marks, including military tactics
  • P7 Relocation to other West Altanic sites

    Orentation to labor or redistribution to other colonies