• There's a hair in my dirt!

    I learned that humans impact the environmernt because we think that we help it but we end up hurting species.
  • Period: to


  • Trophic Levels

    Each time an animal gets eaten, 90% of energy gets lost.
  • Environment Recourses

    We learned how to reduce our recourses
  • Physical/ chemical properties

    How can you tell what chemical properties a substance has?
  • Phase Change

    We learned that from gas to liquid is evaporation. From solid to liquid is melting. The last thing is from liquid to solid is freezing.
  • Physical/Chemical Changes

    How do you tell the difference gaseous physical and chemical change? You can tell by its smell or color.
  • Physical/Chemical Changes

    I learned that Iodine doesn't mix well. Also, some things don't burn easily. Last, Getting electricuted is fun.
  • Atoms

    Atoms can move almost the speed of light. Also, there are many models and theories of the atom.
  • Atomic Structure

    What is a rule for making a positive ion? You have to have less electrons.
  • Ions and Isotopes

    What particle determines an Ion? The Electrons determine the Ion. What particle determines an Isotope? The Neutrons determine it.
  • Periodic Table

    What do the columns represent onthe periodic table? They represent how many Valence Shells there are on the element.