Samuel slater

samuel slater

  • birth of samuel slater

    birth of samuel slater
    in Belper, Derbyshire, England
  • spinning machines

    spinning machines
    this invention was made to take cotton and pull it into small strings of thread.
  • the reason for the spinning machine

    slater has memorized the british spinning machine and came to the USA to build and sell in. having this start the industrial revolution.
  • death of Samuel Slater

    death of Samuel Slater
    at the age of 66 slater passed in webster massachusetts
  • 1900's spinning wheel

    1900's spinning wheel
    it went from being a being machine to having some thing little in your house.
  • spinning machine now

    spinning machine now
  • the impact of the spinning

    this was the first invetnion that started the industiral revoution for he brought in to the USA and made in easier for people to make clothing and blanckets.