Sahil Kalia

By ksnell9
  • 337

    Romes new religion

    Romes new religion
    In 337B.C Rome had offically changed their counrties reilgion to Christianity. After, many people had gotten Babtised.
  • 397

    New Testament

    New Testament
    The concil of Agustine made some major desicions about the new testament. Their conclusion was that there was 27 book of the new testement
  • May 18, 630

    March to Mecca

    March to Mecca
    In 630 B.C muhammad and his 10,000 followers marched to the outside of Mecca. After they reached Mecca they dystroyed many idols that were located in the Ka'aba
  • May 18, 632

    Death of Muhammad

    In 632 B.C the prophet Muhammad died,.
  • May 18, 632

    The Caliphs

    After the death of the prophet Muhammad peopel were tryign to be the new prophet. There were three people who were the rightly guided caliphs.
  • May 18, 850

    Kingdoms Combine

    After about 200 years of being split into teo kingdoms, the two kingdoms finally combine to make one big knigdom.
  • Ottoman Empire

    The Ottoman Empire began to be more curupt in the mid 1800s. As a result the Europeans decided to capitalize on this oppertunity and conquered it.
  • Zionist

    1800s The Zionists start a movement to set up a Jewish state in Palestine
  • The Russians in the Middle East

    For the Russians they wanted to control the straits between the Suez canal and the Mediterranean Sea. This dispute between the Russians and the Ottoman Empire stated in 1853
  • The British were in the Middle East

    The British were in the Middle East
    While Britain was in the Middle East, they controlled the Suez Canal and parts of Egypt. In about 1882 Britain had been the leading powerhouse in the Middle East.
  • Balfour Declaration

    1917 The Balfour Declaration issued by Great Britain supporting the idea of a Jewish homeland in Palestine
  • Death of Jesus

    Death of Jesus
    In 30 AD Jesus had died and been crusified. He was later buried and then he had been ressurected.
  • Bitain and Europeans oil fight

    Bitain and Europeans oil fight
    In the mid 1950s the British and Soviet Union deiceded to exploit Irans oil for their profit and only giving Iran 16% of the profits.
  • Laws that Effected rights

    Ayatollah Khomeini tried to purge Iran of western influences, This even meant that he had to take away the rights of women.
  • A new Power

    Ayatollah Khomeini had run out the od Shah due to the recordings of hoe democracy was better than the current system. He also tried to make Iran more Islamic byt purging western influence and taking away somerights.
  • Israel occupation

    Israel occupation
    1967 Israel occupies the Gaza Strip and the West bank at the end of one of the Israeli-Palestinian conflicts
  • Iranian Shah fled

    When the Iranians wanted democarcy in Iran the city of Tehran erupted into chaos. As, a result the Shah fled the city with no warning.
  • Birth of Israel

    Birth of Israel
    1948 The Nation of Israel was established. it was established for Jews that where kicked out of other counrtries
  • Misslies from Iraq

    Misslies from Iraq
    During the first Persian Gulf War Iraqi missilwa struck Israel. As a result of this, the Israelis had a sense of invincibility.
  • Israeli Peace Treaty

    Israeli Peace Treaty
    In the early 1990s negotiations between Paleistine and Israel made some ground breaking progess. After the tough negotiations both presidents of the two countries shook hands in front of the White House to make it offical
  • Iranis Mosadegh takes a stand

    Iranis Mosadegh takes a stand
    in the early 1990s Mohammad Mosadegh proposed a bill that would delay all of the new oil contracts with Britain and the Soviet Union until they had given up complete control.
  • The Second Peace Treaty

    The Second Peace Treaty
    Both the Israeli Prime Minister and Palestine Liberation Organization Chair man sat down for a second time at the white house to make a more detailed treaty between them.
  • Israeli Prime Minister Assassinated

    Israeli Prime Minister Assassinated
    an Israeli extremeist gunned down the former Prime Minister Rabin. As a result of this Benijamin Netanyalu came to be the new Prime Mininster.
  • The Camp David Accord

    In 2000 the U.S decided to organize a conversation betwen Israel and Palestine at the Camp. Although the two gruops could not reach an offical agreement or conclusion.
  • Two Kingdoms

    Two Kingdoms
    in the year 738 the jewish peopel were split into two different kingdoms for over 100 years. The two kingdoms were called the Israels and the Judah both paying tribute to the Assyrian Empire.