Russian Timeline

  • Revolution of 1905 & October Manifesto

    This picture displays the actual October Manifesto and it is considered important in the Russian Timeline although it promise the Russian public political and social reforms, it was only a ploy for Nicholas II to maintain power as workers gained nothing from the manifesto, this become a long-term factor for the October Revolution in 1917.
  • Beginning for WW1

    This pictures illustrate Russia in the beginning of WW1. Specifically, it shows Russia beginning to mobilize due to Serbia (who Russia supported) refusing the ultimatum given to them by Austria as result of the Serbians assassinating Austria’s Archduke, Franz Ferdinand
  • Tsar Nicholas II take sole control of military operations (September)

    This image displays the importance of this event in the Russian timelines as it shows Grand Duke Nicholas (the man on the right who was in command of the military operations on the East Front) and Tsar Nicholas II (the man on the left who took control due to believing it would inspire the Russian Army) in September.
  • Assassination of Rasputin

    This displays significance to this event as this display how Grigori Rasputin was assassinated by Conservative Russian Nobleman who were against Rasputin and the influence he had over the Tsar Nicholas II
  • International Women's Day March in Petrograd

    This pictures displays what it was like during the Petrograd march on International Women Day. Specifically, how there were thousands protestors, especially women, were involved, illustrating the negative response the protestors had when the government was not satisfying their promises to them.
  • Nicholas II Abdicates

    This photo was taken not longer after Tsar Nicholas II abdicated from his throne in March of 1917. The photo focusing him with barely anyone around indicates how negatively perceived he was when he was forced out of Russia’s ruler.
  • Provisional Government

    This pictures is significant to this event in the Russian timeline as it displays the nine members of the Provisional Government of the State Duma in March 1917.
  • Return of Lenin from exile

    This photo is significant to this event as it shows how after he returned from exile, many people greeted Vladmir Lenin back warmly and positively, indicating that they believed he would be the one to ensure their demands and needs were satisfied, leading to the eventual October Revolution in 1917.
  • April Theses published

    This picture connects back to the April Theses and how it displays Russian war veteratans and invalids in Petrograd during April 1917. This is significant as it shows the Provisional Government was not only against the April Theses, but against Lenin and his return from exile.
  • First All-Russian Congress of Soviets meet

    This picture is significant to this event in the Russian timeline as shows the First All-Russian Congress of Soviets meeting together during a session
  • Brusilov Offense

    This is significant to this particular event of the Russian timeline as it a battle map of the Brusilove Offense in the Eastern Front of Europe in 1916
  • July Days

    This photo is significant to this event in the Russian timeline as it shows rioters in July 1917 using weaponry, illustrating how at this point, many Russians were not pleased with the Provisional Government and their regime.
  • Kornilov Affair

    This is significant to this event in the Russian Timeline as it show Kornilov alongside his troops his plans on establishing a military dictatorship in hopes of defeating the Soviets
  • Trotsky organizes Red Guard to defend Petrograd

    This picture is significant to this particular event as not only does this show that Red Guards did indeed Petrgrad with the help of Trotsky, but this displays the Red Guards’ loyalty to the Soviet.
  • Bolsheviks overthrow the Provisional Government & take control

    This photo relates back to this particular event of the Russian Timeline in how it is a propaganda painting of the Bolsheviks storming the winter palace. This is important as that was where the Bolsheviks overthrew Prime Minister Kereksnky, leading to the end of the Provisional Government
  • Cheka Formed

    Photo demonstrates that the Cheka took part in Red Terror; including the executions of thousands of people that were suspected of being counter-revolutionaries or enemies of the state.
  • Wartime Communism Created (June)

    This demonstrates the negative effects Russia had to face due to Wartime Communism; which had led to food shortages and severe poverty among the ordinary people.
  • Constituent Assembly meets and is disbanded

    Demonstrates Lenin campaigning during the elections for the Constituent Assembly in 1917. Implies that Bolsheviks weren't willing to share power with other political parties.
  • Treaty of Brest-Litovsk

    This picture shows the meeting between Russia and the Central powers during the negotiations for the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk.
  • Red Terror

    Demonstrates the campaign of violence and terror to eliminate political opposition. It also shows the amount of 'Red Guards' that were implemented to carry out Bolshevik rule.
  • Kolchak begins serious attacks against Reds from Siberia

    The photo shows the White Leader Kolchak, who would be recognized as the overall commander of the white army and allowed him to plan for offensives against the Bolshevik movement.
  • Ukraine brought under Soviet control

    The photo shows Trotsky in and his soldiers in Kharkov in 1919. This illustrates the extent of expansion of the Soviet Union's territorial control following World War 1.
  • Poles move toward Kiev

    This photo shows the movement of Polish people towards Kiev in April through June in 1920. This was a movement that would later lead to the Polish-Soviet War.
  • Soviets attempt to take Warsaw

    Red Army attempted to capture Warsaw in a decisive battle against the Polish Army, but ultimately failed and had to retreat. Photo demonstrates Soviets effort to take Warsaw.
  • Tambov Rebellion

    The photo illustrates the efforts of the peasants to fight against the policy of food requisitioning as it caused severe food shortages among the peasants.
  • Kronstadt uprising

    This illustrates the Kronstadt quotes of being 'redder than the reds'. This is because they supported the Bolsheviks in the October Revolution but now are against the Bolsheviks.
  • Ending of Wartime Communism

    This picture portrays America of being under chaos due to Communism; this is reflected upon Russia due to the various campaigns against the Bolsheviks.
  • Treaty of Rapallo

    The photo demonstrates the land that was held in the Treaty of Rapallo; where the treaty would allow for Russia and Germany to cooperate economically and military to each other.
  • Formation of Soviet Union

    The Soviet Union comprised of Russia, Ukraine, Belorussian, and Transcaucasian Soviet Socialist Republic under the leadership of Communist party; where, in the photo, illustrates the immense power the Soviet Union has.
  • Lenin Dies

    Portrays Lenin in a weakened state; which contrasts to the pictures usually seen such as the Constituent Assembly photo; appearing to be illuminate in his photos. Here, he dies due to a heart attack.