Russian Revolution PD4

By MaggieC
  • Serfs Freed by Czar

    The Czar freed the Serfs, HOWEVER, they recieved very little land and were almost always in a heavy debt.
  • Marxists formed the R.S.D.L.P.

    The Marxists (people who follow Marx) form the Russian Scocial Democratic Labor Party. Later on, this group split into two diffrent groups. (See R.S.D.L.P splits)
  • Russia's economy

    Russia's economy begins to slow. The government of Russia waged an unsuccesful war on japan.
  • R.S.D.L.P Splits

    The R.S.D.L.P. split into two groups. These two groups include the Marxists (already existed) and Vladmire L. Ulyandr (a.k.a. V.I. Lenin)
  • Bloody Sunday

    Men, women and children PEACEFULLY marched to the Czar's Winter Palace in St. Petersburg in-order to deliver a petition for better working condittions,
  • Germany and Russia

    Germany declared war on Russia. This war lead to a shortage of food, fuel, and water.
  • Rasputin's end

    Rassputian was an enemy to the Czar. The Czar had his loyal nobels murder Rasputin.
  • The Throne

    (Febuary in the old russian calandar)The people hold a rebelion, this leads to Czar Nicolace to give up the throne.
  • Strikes and Riots

    (Febuary 25 on the old Russian calander)
    Strikes and riots break out over food and coal shortages. Troops were sent to stop this, however, they joined the riots.
  • Resign the Throne

    The Russian government forces Czar Nicolace to resign his throne. the family was taken into costedy. the family was exicuted at Yekaterinburg in 1918.