Russian Revolution pd4

By JordanM
  • Surfs are freed

    Czar Nicholas freed the slaves in early 1861
  • Russian Social Democratic Labor Party

    Marxists people came together and formed the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party
  • Economy slowed

    Russias economy slowed the country waged an unsuccesful war with Japan and social arrest grew.
  • Splitting.

    The Russian social democratic labor party split into two different groups
  • Bloody sunday

    Thousands of men, women , and children peacefully marched to Czar Nicholas' winter palacein St. Petersburg , the capital.
  • Uprising crushed

    Their army crushed an uprising in Moscow and police arrested the members of the St. Petersburg soviet, including the revolutionary leader Leon Trotsky.
  • Trotsky escapes

    Trotsky escaped in 1907 and returned to Petrograd in 1917
  • WW1

    Germany declared war on Russia.
  • The murder

    A group russian nobles loyal to the Czar murdered Rasputin.
  • Reunited

    Several workers reunited the soviet union
  • The February revolution

    Strikes and riots over food and coal shortages broke out in Petrograd.
  • Abdication

    The government forced Czar Nicholson to abdicate.
  • Leon returns

    Leon returned to Petrograd
  • Seizing power

    Army comander cheif made a bid to seize power
  • Chosen leader

    Trostky was chosen to lead the soviet in Petrograd in September
  • Taking control

    November 7, 1917 Bolsheviks took control of key positions in Petrograd
  • Russian congress of soviets

    All russian congress of soviets authorized the Bolsheviks to set up a council of peoples comissoners to run the government.
  • Nicholas killed

    Bolsheviks killed Nicholas and his familt in Yeaterburg in 1918
  • Reconcquered

    Soviet union reconquered period of the Civil war.
  • Forming of the SU

    Russian commmunist government formed the Soviet Union
  • Stalin becomes General secratary

    Stalin became General Secratary of the Communist party.
  • Head of the SU

    Stalin became head of the Soviet Union in 1924 after the death of Lenin, and remaind in power until his death in March of 1993
  • Recongnization

    United Kingdom recognized the Soviet Union in 1924 followed by the United States in 1933
  • Communist system ends

    Communist sytem ended in Russia in 1991