Russian Revolution

By sboas
  • Period: to

    First Romonov Ruler

    Michael Romonov (Mikhail Feodorovich)
  • Nicholas I action to maintain power

    Divided the Chancery into sections and made a new code of law in the Second Section; gave structure and order
  • Alexander I significant event

    Emancipation Law of 1861; serfs could marry, own land and argue court cases and were paid; Alexander II thought it was the only way to prevent them from revolting
  • Vladimir Lenin

    Born April 22, 1870; By being exiled to Siberia for three years and then in Switzerland, he was able to think about the revolution which lead him to being leader of it.
  • Period: to

    Last Romonov Ruler

    Nicholas II
  • Czar Abdicates

    1.The strikes and revolts in Petrograd (St. Petersburg) after the February Revolution
    2. Loss in Russo-Japanese War