Russian Revolution

  • Michael Romanov

    Michael was the first Romanov ruler to rule Russia after fifteen chaotic years called The Time of Troubles. He took the name Romanov to honor his grandfather Roman Yurev.
  • Peter the Great

    The Romanovs ruled Russia until the Russian Revolution in 1917 however direct male descendants of Michael ended in 1730. Peter the Great reorganized Russia and created the Russian Empire in 1721.
  • Nicholas I of Russia

    He came up with the idea of Orthodoxy, Autocracy, and Nationality. This meant that people had to show loyalty to the tsar, respect for the traditions of the Orthodox church and to the Russian language. This was created to help nationalism grow in Russia.
  • Alexander II's Decision

    He decided that it was time to end the practice of serfdom because it was not working and it was better to end it sooner than later. He enacted the Emancipation statute which stated that his goal was to satisfy everyone involved in serfdom.
  • Vladimir Lenin

    He was kicked out of his college becuause he was part of a student demonstration. After he was exiled, he immerced himself in literature by famous revolutionaries such as Karl Marx.
  • Czar Nicholas II abdicates

    One of the main reasons he was removed was because of the social classes. The one percent controlled twenty-five percent of the wealth and people were starving. Another reason was Bloody Sunday when hundreds of peaceful protesters were killed.