Russian Revolution

  • Decembrist Revolt

    a group of nobles and army officers tried to overthrow the czar's government
  • Nicholas II czar of Russia

    Nicholas II becomes the Czar of Russia. He was the last emperor of Russia
  • Russo Japanese War

    Was known as "The Great War of the 20th century" It was based on rivalry between Russian Empire and Empire of Japan
  • Bloody Sunday

    Father Gapon wanted to have a peaceful protest with unarmed people outside the czar's home asking for better jobs and so what. Soldiers ended up shooting the protestors leaving them bleed in the fallen snow.
  • Russia's involvement in WWI

    Nicholas II was in charge. (entered with largest army in the world) Russia was concerned about the growing power of Germany.Military disasters during this war ruined the Russian army and made Russia weak when they were defeated.
  • Czar Nicholas II abdicates the throne

    Czar Nicholas is forced to abdicate the throne by Petrograd insurgents. Also many people going on strikes and coming at him forced him to give up the throne as well
  • March Revolution

    People of russia were weak from WWI army was put together very poorly and people were not happy. Tsar took control of the army but it didn't help and Nicholas II was blamed for food shortages.
  • The Russian Civil War

    there was a challenge against the Bolsheviks, there were czech prisoners sent to Russia, later they controlled the trans siberian railroad and attacked towards Moscow.
  • Creation of the U.S.S.R

    Stands for Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Or known as the SU (Soviet Union) Helped out with communists.
  • Vladimir Lenin's death

    Vladimir Lenin died from a stroke. He was a Russian communist who was revolutionary.