Russia In World War One

  • Period: to

    Russia Involvement In World War One

  • Germany Declares War On Russia

  • Austria-Hungary invades Russia

  • Lenin returns

    Lenin returns from exile, traveling to Petrograd in a sealed train from Switzerland via Germany and Finland.
  • International Women's Day

    Demonstrators and striking workers – many of whom are women – take to the streets to protest against food shortages and the war. Two days later, the strikes spread across Petrograd.
  • Tsar Nicholas II abdicates and removes son from the succession.

    The following day Nicholas’ brother Mikhail announces his refusal to accept the throne. A Provisional Government is formed to replace the tsarist government, with Prince Lvov becoming the leader.
  • Russia signs armistice with Germany

  • Grigorii Rasputin is murdered after several failed attempts.

  • Russia signs the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk with Germany