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  • Revolutions of 1848

    An Italian and French sparked the beginning revolutions locally. These revolts led to the Revolutions of 1848, an uprising of revolutions throughout Europe. The revolutions involved the countries France, Germany, Austrian Empire, the Italian States, Kingdom of Hungary, and Poland. These revolutions led to the beginning of democracy in Europe.
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    Industrial Revolution

    Great Britain increased its use of steam power and created new inventions that created product more faster and efficiently. These new machines led to a mass production of factories and jobs. This revolution spread to the United States. It has paved the way for modern good production.
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    American Revolution

    The American Revolution began when members of the American colonies refused to follow Great Britain’s King and the Parliament’s authority. The British decided to tax the colonies which led to the colonies rebelling and protests to take place. The Revolutionary War began and the American colonies won the war. After the war, America started a democratic republic following the rules of a constitution.
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    French Revoluion

    The French Revolution was a 10-year revolution of social and political change in France. It began with public anger of the social and economic inequality. Previous wars the French took part in also damaged the economy. The revolution led to the monarchy being replaced with democratic republic.
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    Haitian Revolution

    In 1492, Europeans discovered Haiti and introduced slavery. The Haitian Revolution was a anti-slavery war that took place in the then French colony of Saint-Domingue. Slaves held a voodoo ceremony in which they set out to kill their owners and destroy the plantations. The Slaves destroyed Napoleons army and declared independence in 1804.
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    Xinhai Revolution

    The Xinhai Revolution was a revolution in China which collapsed the Qing Dynasty. It began with China's loss in the Sino-Japanese War in 1895. The public was angry about losing the war along with the lack of modernization in the country. It lasted 4 months, and ended imperial rule in China.
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    Russian Revolution

    The Russian Revolution is two revolutions that took place in Russia. The first revolution was an attack on Russia's capital, Petrograde. This led to the collapse to the Russian Empire and Nicholas the 2nd. The second revolution was an attack on Russia's state capital, Moscow, by soviets led by Vladimir Lenin. The nation then was taken and became a communist state.
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    Chinese Communist Revolution

    The Chinese Communist Party was in 1921. The Communists joined the Nationalist Army until the Nationalist Army turned against them. The Japanese invaded Manchuria. A group of abducted generals forced the Nationalist leader, Chiang Kai-shek to form an alliance with the communist party. The Nationalist and Communist parties eventually broke out into a civil war. The Communists won and now there is limited trade between the communist country and the Republic of China
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    Cuban Revolution

    The Cuban Revolution was a revolt in the island of Cuba. It began when the Cubic public was suffering from limited water, increasing inflation, and high unemployment levels. A rebellion group was formed by Fidel Castro was led by Castro and his brother. The rebellion began attacking the government and they seized control in 1959. Castro formed a socialist government which is still in place today.
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    Iranian Revolution

    The Pahlavi US-Backed Dynasty made laws such as equality among gender.The people thought this went against their culture so the Iranians overthrew the Pahlavi Dynasty.The new islamic government wanted to get rid of capitalism.Shah was criticised for his wealth with a community struck with poverty. In a protest of scholar students against a claim of the national newspaper, students were killed by the government which caused protests that Shah to flee to Iran. It is now the Islamic Republic.