Revolution fist


  • propetys owners own.

    propetys owners own.
    The Third estate creates the National Assembly consisting of only property-owning males. all french citizens and invited delegates from the other two estates to join them.
  • war with astria

    war with astria
    Austria demands that King Louis and Marie are restored to the throne. Instead the National Assembly declares war on Austria. louis XVI had his own privet reasons for supporting military conflict with astria.
  • front lins on ww2

    front lins on ww2
    Czar Nicholas 2 went to the front lines during world war to lead the russian army
    Czar went to the front lines to take personal charge. Czar was no longer competent then his generals.
  • wokers on strike

    wokers on strike
    There were bread riots in Petrograd and workers went on strike. no bread was made because the workers went on strike.
  • new man with power

    new man with power
    Czar Nicholias the second got abdicted lenin forces overthrew the goverment . the bolsheviks quickly seized power in other cities.
  • signing for the war

    signing for the war
    Russia signed the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk with Germany. The German were reminded of the harshness of Brest-Litovsk when they complained about the severity of the Treaty of Versailles signed in June 1919
  • new industry

    new industry
    stalin proposed first of several 5 years plans to modernize russia by building up their industing once in power stalin set out to make the ussr into a modern industrial power. improv transportation and increase farm output, to acheeive this he brought all economic activity under strict goverments control.
  • help building a new industry

    help building a new industry
    Stalin proposed first of several 5-year plans to modernize Russia by building up their industry. stalin is going to build a city for russia