Review Week 1

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  • Absent by Parts

    Absent by Parts
    Classmates did Integration Review in class while I was absent. I need to review integration by parts on my own time, but otherwise I should be okay with integration on the AP Test.
  • Differential Equations Review

    Differential Equations Review
    Differential Equations are fun! I can't wait for the DiffEq course in college. I am well prepared for DiffEqs on the AP Test.
  • Practice Calculator Free Response

    Practice Calculator Free Response
    I completed FR problems 1-3 of an AP test with Elliot. We felt fairly confident in our answers and finished with time to spare. We hope the AP test is as easy-going as these practice problems.
  • Practice Non-Calculator Free Response

    Practice  Non-Calculator Free Response
    Completed non-calc free response problems with Elliot and we again felt like the test was easier than expected. However, we were more uneasy about our answers. Perhaps I could use more practice with non-calculator FR to up my confidence before Game Day.
  • Brief Series Tests Review

    Brief Series Tests Review
    Class was shortened due to the Spring Pep Rally, but we fit in some review on tests for convergence and divergence of series. I am confident when it comes to these tests and reviewing the nice chart of tests Mr. Hyman gave us will make me completely prepared in this area of Calc BC.