Restaurant Linen Service

Timeline created by jonrules
  • Conception

    Have the concept of your future restaurant in mind. Know the service level, food and beverage, customer base, location and other important factors.
  • Construction

    Construction on your new restaurant begins.
  • Budget Check

    Your restaurant is nearing completion. Check to make sure you are still in line with your budget.
  • Linen Shopping

    Start looking at companies that can supply you with what you are going to need - napkin linen, tablecloths, kitchen rags, etc. Also look into the cleaning and pickup services these suppliers offer.
  • Narrowing the Picks

    Really think about who you choose. This is an investment in your company. Make sure they are reliable and truly offering a good product at your budgeted cost. Look for hidden fees or clauses in the contract that are unappealing.
  • Pick the Supplier

    While you may have some very important other events going on today, you also have to be sure you have your linen service provider picked out.
  • Contract

    You might also be busy this day as well. But clear your head and work out the final agreements in the contract and sign away!
  • Opening Day!

    You made it! Now get through the next four years and you're better off than 80% of new restaurants.