Prenatal timeline

Timeline created by ladysol3
  • First trimester

    First trimester
    september - november. I was conceived in september and my mom found she was pregnant later september, shortly after she found out she was pregnant she went and receive parental care just to make sure that she was actually pregnant. She had cravings for lots of fruits.
  • second trimester

    second trimester
    December - February. This is the trimester where you are supposed to find out the gender however my parents did not. however this is where my my first felt me move. Her emotions were everywhere she cried a lot over the littlest things. My mom did begin to show a little bit at the end of this trimester.
  • Third trimester

    Third trimester
    March- June. This is when they found out my gender (Female). This is also where she felt a lot more movement of me and kicking. On june 22nd had lots of contractions making her go to the hospital.
  • Birth - 2 weeks

    Birth - 2 weeks
    June 23 is when I was born, I was born at 3:31 am with a full head of hair coming in at 7.7 lbs and 19 inches in length. My mom said I was perfect the first couple of weeks, I didn't cry a lot, I slept a lot and I was super easy.
  • breast feed (physical)

    when I was 3 months my mom stopped breast feeding and began to gave me regular milk in a bottle.
  • First words (language)

    When I was 6 months my mom said I spoke my very first word which was tata (grandpa).
  • baptized (emotinal)

    when i was 6 months I was baptized into the catholic religion where I would start my journey with god and his saints
  • first steps (physical)

    For the very first 8 months of my life I was crawling everywhere then later in the 8 months I took my first steps and from there I was walking
  • potty trained (physical)

    I was 2 years old when I became potty trained enough to not wear diapers anymore
  • Twins were born( emotional)

    On October 21, 2004 my twin sister were born after that my mom said that I became bratty and jealous and I would cry a a lot.
  • attachment (emotional)

    all the way till I was 3 and 8 months years old my mom stayed at home with me, we lived with my nana and tata. Until she got a job and started leaving me. I started becoming a mommas girl. If my mom didn’t come home at a certain time I would cry and throw up, If my mom didn’t give me a goodbye kiss and hug I would cry and cry and call her till she came back and did
  • New Dada ( emotional)

    When I was about to turn 4 my mom met a new guy who would become someone to step up to the dad role for me. At first it was very confusing and emotional because I wanted my real dad but over the years I got over it because he was in my life every day unlike my real dad.
  • Preschool (language, Physical, Emotional)

    When I was 4 years old I was enrolled in preschool, at first it was very hard because my mom would leave me there and I was very uncomfortable after that i became to learn my colors, new words, and how to interact with others. I even started to go outside and play more.
  • Basketball (Physical)

    When I was almost 5 my step dad signed me up for basketball classes, I wasn’t the best of course but him putting me in basketball was the start to something that I will cherish forever.
  • First day of school ( language, cognitive, physical, emotional)

  • Graduating Kindergarten ( emotional, Physical, language)

    I remember leaving the ceremony dancing to I like to move it move it from Madagascar, Graduating kindergarten was just the beginning to my school life. I cried, met new people, and learned new things.