Playground Construction Schedule

By Naikor
  • Construction Begins

    Today is the day that we start building the playground at Central Park.
  • Period: to

    Construction Schedule

  • Putting in Equipment (Rubber Mulch)

    Today is the day we put the rubber mulch inside the entire playground. Cost:$5,400
  • Putting in Equipment (Seesaws & Monkey Bars)

    Today we put in the Monkey Bars and Seesaws in the playground. Cost:Seesaw $2,045
    Monkey Bars $4,382
  • Mayor Visits Construction Site

    The mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, pays a visit to the playground and congratulates all the workers for doing a good job.
  • Putting in Equipment(Swings)

    After a fun day yesterday the men are ready to get back to work. Today we added the swingset. Cost: $2,223
  • Putting in Equipment(Tetherball Post & Benches)

    Today we added the tetherball post and benches in the playground. Cost: Tetherball Post $136
    Benches $471.98
  • Putting in Equipment(Slide)

    Today we put in the world famous slide. Cost:$2,660
  • Putting in Equipment(Shade Struture)

    Today is the final dat of constrcution. The men put in the shade struture for the parents. Cost:$4,474
  • Party Day!

    Today the men and I threw a party for all the hard work we have done.
  • Grand Opening

    Today the mayor cut the ribbon that signifies the grand opening of the Central Park Playground.