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  • Adopting Pepper

    Weeks after my first dog passed, we went to the local animal shelter to look for a dog. We specifically wanted a Yorkshire terrier and of course they did not have any. We then got a call a few days later and there was a male Yorkshire terrier mix named Yankee that was just brought in. We had no clue if we wanted him or not so we decided to foster. We had him for three days and we loved him so much we just kept him. He has been the best dog ever because he loves people and begging for belly rubs.
  • Moving Almost Down The Street

    Moving Almost Down The Street
    At the beginning of second grade, my family bought a house almost down the street. Our neighbors on Mill Creek were the same neighbors we got when we moved. From Mill Creek Drive to North 12th street, we were happy at our new house. When we were renovating that house, my sister and I had the best times playing on the stairs, running through the rooms and discovering new things. What we did not know is that this house came with baggage, Leaky pipes and more. After we moved in, we extremely happy.
  • Love of Sports

    Love of Sports
    My dad is a football coach, you would think I would have been around it since birth. I never really truly understand it till about 4th grade when I even more loved cheering on the OBU Tigers. That passion started my love for anything sport related.
  • My First Cheer Team

    My First Cheer Team
    At the end of 6th grade there is a chance for girls to try out for the middle school cheer team. I worked on my tumbling for a month and I was determined to make this team. It was awesome to make it. I do not know what I would have done if I had not made it. I have loved cheering and supporting my school ever since. I strive every day to be a great cheerleader. At camp this past year I made All American and that is such an honor. I will keep moving forward and will never stop loving the badgers.
  • Relay for Life

    Relay for Life
    In 7th grade I created a relay for life team called the Believers. The reason I wanted this team is to give back for all the community has done for my family. My grandparents were mainly the ones who had cancer. But it has affected my family so much that I wanted to remember and honor them. My friends feel the same way and we love volunteering and helping. Relay is a strong passion of ours and we want it to be a passion of others.