Penny from heaven

Penny from Heaven by Jennefer L. Holm ~ Peyton Classon

  • Chapter 1-2

    Chapter 1-2
    Uncle Dominic lives in a car. The car is a 1940 Plymouth Roadking and that is how it affects the time period.
  • Chapter 3-4

    Chapter 3-4
    Meat is too expensive for some people, and this affects the time period because people got a very low pay at that time, and so then they could only buy the bare minimum, and not buy any extras.
  • Chapter 5-6

    Chapter 5-6
    The Italian heritage ate lots of food, and Penny's family is true to that in this book. Penny's father's side of the family is Italian.
  • Chapter 7-8

    Chapter 7-8
    Penny finds out that her mom is dating the milkman. This is effective because back then they had people bring the milk around to each house and people would buy however much they want, just like they did for ice.
  • Chapter 9-10

    Chapter 9-10
    Mr. Mulligan (the milkman) and Penny listen to the Brooklyn Dodgers (Dem Bums) game together. The Dodgers were bad that year, but then ended up getting to the World Series. Even though they still lost, hope is a big thing in this book with Penny and Uncule Dominic.
  • Chapter 11-12

    Chapter 11-12
    In these chapters, Penny gets in a fight with Veronica. Veronica is the typical bully from that time. She is the rich girl that picks on all the poor girls, teases them, etc.
  • Chapter 13-14

    Chapter 13-14
    Frankie robs the church in these chapters. Frankie's father lost his job, so his family can't get very much food, or the basic needs. Frankie is just trying to help his family, but he should know that that is not right, no matter how bad you need something.
  • Chapter 15-16

    Chapter 15-16
    Here, Penny's arm gets ripped apart in the wringer, which is now known as a type of washer (for clothes). The wringer is something that is historical, and now we have washers, so we would never get our arm ripped apart.
  • Chapter 17-18

    Chapter 17-18
    Penny starts to realize that Mr. Mulligan isn't that bad. He comes and reads her the newspaper everyday. He doesn't ask how she's feeling or if everything is okay. Penny really loves this, and she's starting to accept him as a person, which is good because eventually Penny's mother and Mr. Mulligan get married.
  • Chapter 19-20

    Chapter 19-20
    Penny overhears what supposedly happened to her father, and freaks out. Little does she know that that's not the truth. When she finds out what trully happened, she knows that it's an accident, but yet Uncle Dominic feels horrible and leaves. Also in this chapter, Penny's arm starts to work again. She knows that it is truly a miracle.
  • Chapter 22

    Chapter 22
    In this chapter Uncle Dominic comes back. Penny realizes that no matter what happens always look to the positive side. She has learned to always have hope. Not everything works out like she planed her summer, but Penny accepts that.