Palestine/Israel Conflict

  • Syke Picot Agreement

    Syke Picot Agreement
    The Agreement was signed by Britain, Russia, and France. Jordan and Iraq would become British mandates, and the lands of Palesatine would be agreed.
  • UN Approves British Mandate of Palestine

    UN Approves British Mandate of Palestine
    During the time of July 24th 1922, the United Nations approve the British Mandate of Palestine, with the intent of developing and forming a national home for the Jewish people.
  • Partition Plan

    Partition Plan
    The UN passes the Partition Plan that splits British mandated Palestine into two divided states. The Jewish controlled state accepts the plan, while the Arab state rejects it.
  • Israel Declares Independance From Mandated Britain

    Israel Declares Independance From Mandated Britain
    Israel obtains independance from the rule of the British, before the expiration of the British mandate of Palestine at midnight. Regarding the opinions of the Arabs, they were upset, but Israel later was invaded by five armies of the neighboring Arab regions.
  • 1948 Arab-Israeli War

    1948 Arab-Israeli War
    During the time of May 15 1948, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Transjordan, and local arab armies all invaded the New Israeli Jewish state with the intention of destroying the newly apporved state. The resulting invasion lasted for thirteen long and brutal months.
  • Ending of Suez Crisis

    Ending of Suez Crisis
    Upon the Sinai Peninsula within Egypt, in March of 1957, Israel withdraws their forces in the peninsula thus ending the Suez Crisis.
  • Six-Day War

    Six-Day War
    The begining of the infamous Six-Day War, Israel launches an attack on an Egyptian air force strip. Egypt, taking this as an act of terrorism and war, rebuttles with the involvment of neighboring countries. Israels defeat over the contries was infamous, and Israel captures the Sinai Peninsula and the Gaza Strip from Egypt.
  • Olympic Israeli Team Massacred

    Olympic Israeli Team Massacred
    During the 1972 Olympics, The Israeli Olympic team were assulted and massacred by a Palestinian terrorist group called the Black September. As a result of the murders of the olympic team, Israel answered back with the assassinations that were know as Operation Wrath of God.
  • Yom Kippur War

    Yom Kippur War
    Syria and Egypt pounce on Israeli forces on the Sinai Peninsula and on the Golan Heights on the holiest day fo the Jewish calender. The neighboring arab nations join in and support the Arab war effort.
  • The First Intifada

    The First Intifada
    The First Intifada was when there was a Palestinian uprising against Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories. The uprising begain in Jabalia refugee camp and spreaded like wild fire throughout Gaza.