Our Love Story

  • First Contact!

    This was the day I first messaged you. You looked gorgeous in your hat, and it was love at first sight x
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    Our Love Story

  • First Facebook Text Chat

    On Christmas day we spoke on facebook. We both said it made our day, and was the best Christmas present ever. I was so excited, happy, and my heart was alive from this very day!
  • First Phone Call

    We spoke on the phone! All I know is that there was alot of energy, I was bouncy, fun, loud, and crazy! It seemed to make you laugh xx
  • Carl Sent Emily a Poem by SMS

    Emily Rose is the one that knows, how to pamper the ppoch, trim cut blow, to make scooby go, puppy power & rut roh. So wag a tail, fetch and heel, get your paws on em for a good deal!
  • Emily gave carl her email

    I was trying to find your name on skype! Wasn't easy work, so you gave me your email :)
  • First skype session cam to cam!

    I couldn't really see you, as your cam was jittery, but I gave you a tour of my flat and showed you bits of my life!
  • Emily sends carl pictures!

    Emily in her beanie. Rocking her butterfly necklace.
  • Emily goes off the dating scene!

    Carl and emily are now no longer looking for love..... Have they found it??? Neither says a word to eachother.... but rest assured actions speak louder than words!
  • 93% Astral Love Match

    Mix of chinese and western astrology and names, and all the signs point to true love! http://www.mylovecal.com/LoveCalculator/Capricorn-Dog-Carl,Taurus-Pig-Emily
  • Kind Regards!

    Carl leaves his auto signature on his email, to kind regards!!! lol
  • Emily's Card Arrives!!

    Emily you are entirely and completely the most amazing woman I have ever encountered. Thank you for your brilliant card, I love it. I will hang your necklace above my bed, and count the days till you are here. Everyday I am grateful for you in my life, and literally everyday I acknowledge how lucky I am to have you in my life. xxxx
  • Our First Sunday E-Date!

    We chatted for around 3 hours, played silly games, talked about our plans and dreams, and got our mush on!
  • Carl Carves their initials in wood!

    Carl sends emily a virtual tree with their initials on! x
  • Carl Sends emily a taxi

    Carl didnt want emily to walk alone home dark at night so he sorted out a taxi for her xx
  • Emilys Parcel arrives!

    Carl was wowed by emilys envelope. He had no idea it was coming, when he bought Emily a shinny hair clip on 7th jan. Before sending, he saw a dress which was most unusual and a good material! Taking a gamble hoping she would like it, he put it in a big evelope with lots of love to her!
  • Emily hints at love in Portuguese!

    "O quanto te adoro!!! x" ...... Does this mean love? Don't touch that dial!
  • Carl Spoils Emily with Media!

    SMS, Email, Video, and pictures! the lot, anything for his girl!
  • It's Offical - Carl 4 Emily!

    He had put it in an SMS, but on this day in facebook - they both said I love you.... in text speak "I L U" The start of smething beautiful!
  • Intimate facebook convo

    ooooh errrr missus, its heating up in here!
  • Movie Date

    We watched Shank!
  • Emily United 2 - 1 Carlo Rovers

    ;) mwah!