Our Adoption of George Aaron Lambert

  • Jeremy & Teresa Woolley are Married

    Jeremy Aaron Woolley and Teresa Lynn Jensen were Married in the Logan LDS Temple for Time and all Eternity
  • Lillian Cathrine Woolley is Born

    Our first Daughter
  • Elizabeth Faye Woolley is Born

    Our Second Daughter, we are so proud
  • Pearl Lynn Woolley is born

    Our third daughter, we are so happy. Jeremy's wish is coming true.
  • Abigail Anita Woolley is Born

    Abby is born, she is such a beautiful baby. Another girl!
  • Madison Myra Woolley is Born

    Two minutes after Abby, Maddy is born. Another girl and so very beautiful just like all of her older sisters. Jeremy's dream has come true, surrounded by girls and we had twins.
  • Jean-Marie Lambert Cibangu Cimpangila Was Born

    Our little boy was born about the same time we started feeling that loss, the feeling we were missing someone
  • Mbuji Julienne Cimpangila (Lamberts Mother) passes away

    Mbuji gave her life to bring Lambert into this world. We are privileged to raise Lambert in her stead until Lambert can see her again.
  • Lambert is released to the orphange

    Mbuji Julienne Cimpangila's parents try to take care of Lambert but are not able to and are forced to release him to the orphange in Mbuji-Mayi
  • Mall Meet-Up with Steven & Tracy Hobbs

    Teresa met up with Steven and Tracy in the mall with their beautiful girl Mailey. Teresa had overwhelming feeling of needing to bring a son to our family through adoption.
  • We Decide to Adopt

    Teresa came home and stated that it was time to adopt our son. Jeremy, without hesitation that came so quickly for years, stated it was time. We independently received the same inspiration that it was now time to bring our son into our home.
  • We found Lambert

    We saw Lambert on the webpage and contacted Kelly Carmody and said he is the one.
  • Period: to

    Where are we going to get the Money?

    It hit us, maybe me (jeremy) more than Teresa because I am doing the bills, but where are we going to get the money. Estimated costs are $32,000
  • 401K! Loan

    It was suggested to us that we borrow against my 401K. This was a big sacrifice, "Can we really do this? I looked into it and found out that I could borrow against my 401K for $21,000 just the amount we needed to get the majority of the adoption expenses covered. I then requested the loan after much prayer.
  • Period: to

    Arranging for our Home Study

    After many phone calls and research we found a agency that would do our home-study and we wrote a post dated check for the 9 of December
  • Form I-797C Our I-600 was received

    We received word that our I-600 was received. It was sent to New York and then sent to Lees Summit MO
  • USCIS Receives our I-600 Packet - I-797C form

    We received this in the mail on November 26 but it is just telling us that USCIS has our I-600 packet. We now are waiting for the I-600 Approval Letter