Ocean eyes shooting schedule

Timeline created by maddilewis-shallow
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  • Meeting eachother

    I met Kelly at the bus stop and then met Chanelle.
  • On the train

    We met Chanelle at the train station at 9.30.
  • arrived in London

    We arrived at the Embankment at around 10.15am , brought the memory card and started filming.
  • After the Embankment

    We walked closer to the London eye and did some filming there 10.40am.
  • Bridge

    After filming on the bridge we walked to the under ground and got on the train to Leicester square 11.15am.
  • Leicester Square

    We walked round Leicester Square, took a break from filming and went to the Christmas market 12.00am
  • After Christmas Market

    We went into China town and filmed some footage in there 12.30am
  • Street preformer

    During our trip to London there was this really good street performer doing martial arts 1.00pm.
  • Sweet Shop

    On our way home to get to train, there was this sweet shop called 'the kingdom of sweets' they had every sweet possible so we went inside 1.25pm.
  • Underground

    in the underground there was a guy busking, so Kelly and Chanelle stopped to dance and play the instruments with him 1.30pm
  • Train journey home

    the train only took us 30mins, this means that we got back into reading at 2.00pm
  • Next day ( school)

    editing the footage.
  • Period: to

    Editing the footage

    Editing ocean eyes