nir shalev

  • Head right

    The Headright System was a system that gave 200 acres of land to the head of the family and fifty to each family member and slaves (up to ten slaves) and maximum of 1000 acres
  • University of Georgia

    The first public university in the United States. People moved to Georgia for a cheaper education
  • louisville

    People grew tobacco and cotton in Louisville. It was georgias third capital city until it moved because Georgias people moved west.
  • cotton gin

    The cotton gin was a machine invented to make it easier to eliminate the seeds from the cotton. it also increased the amount of slaves
  • yazoo land fraud

    Four companies bribed the members of the General Assembly to sell the people ne million acers of land for 500 thousand dollars.
  • land lottery

    Method used to distibute land. White men got to buy tickets for the lottery. sometimes it could be unfair
  • railroads

    A new, faster way of transportation in Greorgia. Made it eaisier to transport items and people.
  • methodists and baptists

    A church group that gathered in Georgia. It brought people together through the use of people's need and religous importance