Nicky's Timeline :D

  • Alexander I

    Alexander I
    Alexander the first is born and brought into life. =]
  • Gets throne

    Gets throne
    Alexander the first finally gets throne. The new czar eased censorship and promoted education.
  • Rebel Against Napoleon

    Rebel Against Napoleon
    In 1805, Alexander joined the coalition against Napoleon I.
  • Invasion

    By the timeNapoleon invaded Russia in 1812, Alexander the first had drawn back from reform.
  • Uprising

    When Alexander I died , a group of armyoficers led an uprising known as the Decembrist Revolt.
  • More Problems

    More Problems
    The army officers had picked up liberal ideas while fighting Napoleon in Western Europe and now demanded a constitution and other reforms.
  • Nicolass I

    Nicolass I
    The new czar Nicolas, supprssed the Decembrists and cracked down on all dissent. He used police spies to hunt out critics. He banned books from Western Europe that might spread liberal ideas.
  • More Changes

    More Changes
    He realized that Russia needed to be more modernized. He issued a new law code and made some economic reforms. He even triedto limit the power of the landonwers over serfs.
  • Alexander II

    Alexander II
    Alexander the second came to the throne in 1855 during the CRimean War.The war had broken out after Russia tried to seize Ottoman lands along the Danube.
  • Emancipation

    LIberals demanded changes, and students demonstrated for reform. Pressed from all sides, Alexander II finally agreed to reforms. In 1861, he Alexander the second issued a royal decreefrom that required emancipation and or freeing of the serfs.
  • Zemstovs

    Along with the Emancipation, Alexander II set up a system of local government, Zemstovs were made responsible for matters such as road repair, schools, and agriculture.
  • March 1881

    March 1881
    On a cold March Day, terrorists hurled two bombs at his carriage. The first one killed the guards, and the econd KIlled Alexander II.
  • Alexander III, Russification, and the Progorm

    Alexander III, Russification, and the Progorm
    He responded to his father's assassination by reviving th harsh methods of Nicholas I. The czar launched a progrom of Russification aimed at suppressing the cultures of non-Russianpeople within the empire
  • Railroad

    Witte encouraged railroad building to Russia. He secured the foreign capital to invest in transportation systems and industry.
  • A WAR?!

    A WAR?!
    War broke out between Russia and Japan in 1904. Nicholas II called on the people to fight for" The faith, the czar, and the Fatherland". But despise their efforts, The Russians sufferend a great defeat!
  • Revolt!

    Proteststors pured into the streets. Workers went on strike with demands for shorter hourse and better wages. Liberals called for a constitution and reforms to overhaul the inefficient corrupt government.
  • Bloody Sunday =/

    Bloody Sunday =/
    Fearing the marchers, the czar had fled the palace and called in soldiers. As the people approached, they saw troops lined up across the square.Suddenly, gunfire rang out. Men and women scattered everywhere and fell. More shots left hundrds dead or wounded in the snow. This killed the people's faith and trust in the czar.
  • More reforms and changes ! Revolution of 1905

    More reforms and changes ! Revolution of 1905
    The clamor grew so great that nicholas II wad forcedto announce sweeping reforms. In the October Manifesto, he promised " freedom of person, conscience, speech assembly and union." He agreed to summon a Duma or elected national legislature. No lawhe decalred would go into effect withiut by the Duma.
  • New Prime Minister

    New Prime Minister
    Peter Stolypin realized that Russia needed to reform, not just repression. To regain peasant support, he introduced moderate land reforms. He strengthened the zemstovs and improved education.
  • A fake name :O

    A fake name :O
    A new revolutionist came along and his name was Vladimir Ulyanov. He had alias or a fake name to cover his identity. ( Lenin) he would take power in a revolution that transformed Russia