nets of cuboids

  • made time toast account

    on tuesday i went on to time toast and created an account.
  • accurate nets

    i drawed some nets of cubes and cuboids and some irregular 3D shapes.
  • plans and elevations

    we had to draw the plan and elevations of differant types of 3D shapes, i found this work quite easy and now i know what these differant words mean!
  • reflective symmetry

    in todays leeson we got given a sheet and we had to draw differant feflections of differant polygons accuratly, with this i completed it confidently, but i think i still need some practise on it. i got up to the yellow writing and i think i can improve by concentrating more , listening and staying on the task, and complete and not just stare at the sheet. i have just about completed the learning objective.