nets of cuboids

  • nets of cuboids

    we learnt how to draw nets of cuboids and cubes acuratley.
  • nets of shapes

    we learnt how to make more complcated nets from just a picture of 3D shapes. i found it quite hard because i had to make shure that all the mesurments were correct!
  • homework

    our homework was to draw a net for a box for Bobby to put his football medals in. The second part was to make it an open fronted box. The homewoek was due in on the 22nd january. i found it easy because it was streight foward.
  • frount side and elevation

    we had to draw the plan,side and front of 3D shapes.
  • homework

    this week uor himework was to stick in any loose sheets. update timetoast and then link it on to edmodo!
  • reflecive symmetry!

    we had a orange sheet and a sheet was boxs with shape on any we had to flip the shapes(reflecting) we had to flip them vertical, horisontal and diagonal.
  • reflecting polygons

    L.O. to reflect polygons horisontaly verticly and diagonally to make words. i found it quite easy to be honest!