Ester's lifetime

  • the day I was born

    the day I was born
    That day was an adventure for my parents!
    It was late a night and my parents were on the way to the hospital, my father had a flat tire (rueda pinchada) and they had to do hitchhiking. They were lucky and a lorry driver offered to take them.
    My mother almost had me in the lorry! She finally made it to the hospital and I was born 5 minutes after she went inside!!!
  • accident at the age of 11 months-old

    accident at the age of 11 months-old
    When I was a toddler, I was a bit naughty, so my mother had to watch me all the time.
    One day, she got distracted. First, I took my tricycle and the I rode it down the corridor, finally I fell down the stairs because I didn't stop in time.
    You can see proof of that in the photo. What a bruise!!!
    On this photo I am wearing a sort of short white dress with suspenders called "skirt overalls" and a red and white stripped T-shirt. On my feet, I am wearing white sandals with white socks.
  • my brothers were born

    my brothers were born
    Although I was very happy being the princess of the house, my mother decided to give me brother. What a surprise when she came from the hospital with 2 identical babies!
    You can see from my face that I didn't get very excited!
  • me as a teenager, at 14 years-old

    me as a teenager, at 14 years-old
    I have such good memories from when I was a teenager, but the most remarkable ones are when I had pyjama parties with my friends.
    We were really crazy!!
  • my first car

    my first car
    My father didn't want to, but after being very persistent, he bought me a used car. It cost around 120 euros (20.000 pesetas). However, I was the happiest person in the world! I could go anywhere with my little car!
  • au-pair in Chicago at 21 years-old

    au-pair in Chicago at 21 years-old
    After finishing my studies of Tourism, I made my first dream come true.
    I went to live to the USA for 1 year. Over there, I lived with a family and I took care of the cutest baby of the world: Andy.
    On the photo, you can see me with Andy celebrating the 4th of July
  • my family's visit to Chicago

    my family's visit to Chicago
    After a few months living in Chicago I had a very nice visit: my family came to see me from Spain.
    They stayed at my host family house for a few days and then we all went on a trip to Orlando, Florida. We visited Disneyland, Universal Studios and Cape Cañaveral. Amazing time!
    On this photo, we are having brunch: breakfast + lunch, a type of late and very complete breakfast.
  • trip to Arizona and New Mexico

    trip to Arizona and New Mexico
    During my stay in Chicago I travelled to many places around the States: Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, Niagara Falls, New York. New Orleans...
    But the most incredible and exciting trip was to Arizona and New Mexico. I went with a friend. We rented a car and drove around the 2 states to many, many cities and small villages.
    On the photo, you can see me with my cowboy hat and boots in the middle of a desert road. Awesome, isn't it?
  • my life in LA

    my life in LA
    Some years later, I felt like I hadn't had enough of The States and I decided to go back. This time I spent 2 years living in L.A.
    There, I worked as a cashier in different restaurants. I even studied at Santa Monica College for one term.
    Those years are also full of unforgettable memories.
    On the photo, you can see me celebrating my 27th birthday with my American friends.
  • my baby boy

    my baby boy
    When I turned 35 years-old, I had my first baby.
    His name is Pol and he was very dark and small!
    Nowadays is much handsome.
    As you can imagine, it was the most important day of my life!
  • my baby girl

    my baby girl
    Two years and a half later, another dream came true. My baby girl, Aina, was born. She ate so much that she looked like a croissant or a roll bread.