Mi foto

my life: Omar Juárez

  • birth/nacimiento

    I was born in Mexico City and since that day I have been part of the Juárez Osorio family. I am the eldest of two brothers ... even for 5 minutes
  • my bad finger/ dedo mocho

    my bad finger/ dedo mocho
    one year and 8 months after my birth I was fortunate to have an accident as I started to play with the partitions ... which caused one to fall on my ring finger. So I had to receive immediate medical attention and my finger was saved to such an extent that it was rebuilt but it was not possible to rebuild a small corner that reminds me of that day. this happened because while my parents were resting I was playing with the partitions
  • living the life

    living the life
    After that, I continued enjoying my years as a baby. I mean, eating, taking a bath, sleeping, and waking up my parents.
  • Kinder garden

    Kinder garden
    At 2 years old, I entered the kindergarten on behalf of my paternal family since they took great care of me and the school belonged to the family, so my brother and I did not lack anything.
  • Oaxaca my town.

    Oaxaca my town.
    my grandparents began to live in santiago miltepec oaxaca, a very beautiful town far from civilization, so we went there every time we could, especially every time there was a vacation.
  • the package

    the package
    one of the experiences I remember is when my paternal grandfather came to take me to school. the kinder in his ford maverick (the mighty one) that was better than the mustang match one
  • falling down the stairs

    falling down the stairs
    I don't remember the year very well once. I remember that I was in thekinder garden ,playing and running but after that I was in the stands and a teammate put his foot on me so I fell rolling through the stands.
  • the xbox 360

    the xbox 360
    One day at Christmas my parents bought me an xbox 360 but the best thing is that it was the halo 3 edition, before I had already known video games and played with playstation 2 but the xbox was an improvement, in addition to that since it was a little more great .. I already understood a little more about video games
  • enter elementary school

    enter elementary school
    Well, after spending my years in kindergarten, my parents always made an effort so that my brother and I did not lack anything, so they made an effort so that we were in a private school and we were lucky since we stayed in the school in the one my mom used to work.
  • when i went to the sea

    when i went to the sea
    I had already gone to several places when I first went to the sea
    So I beat my dad because when he saw the sea for the first time, he had not gone anywhere else.
    It was something nice because I went with my family and they were saving a lot for that trip and that we had lodging in a good hotel
  • the nevado de toluca

    the nevado de toluca
    My parents rarely had time for us since they always worked and we stayed with my maternal grandparents or with the nanny who was my cousin. but my dad took a day for us and took us for a walk in the nevado de toluca which I remember was a great experience, although if it had been my brother, I would have taken another extra jacket
  • loss

    In 2013, my father's sister died due to a disease which at the moment there was no cure and only affected women. so she left her fame and her children very devastated who distanced themselves from it
  • un nuevo amigo

    un nuevo amigo
    A year after my aunt passed away, I came into our lives I picked up a little dog that was a stray and we adopted, while he gave us a lot of love and affection we gave him and we continue to treat him as the best in the world since he is currently 8 years old and is the best dog of the world
  • when i met teotihuacan

    when i met teotihuacan
    During primary and secondary school I had several pedagogical visits and visited various places but none of them fascinated me so much. as teotihucan since I considered it as the best place to go to educational visits
  • high school

    high school
    In 2016 I entered the first year of secondary school and it was a very hard change for me because as I did not have a cell phone unlike my other classmates, I had stopped talking to them since we did not speak on vacation and when I arrived it was strange because I felt
  • girlfriend

    When I started third year of high school I went to the fifteenth year of a friend and there I met a young woman who liked me and from there we started talking and we got along better and we tried to go out but we saw each other very few times, she was very mean to me for What I started to develop again my disorders of fear, anxiety and I thought that I had been the bad guy of the relationship so when it was the comipems I was too discouraged to concentrate.
  • the tournament

    the tournament
    I had been training at MAMBA basketball for two years, which was a basketball club, I did not use to like doing sports but after entering everything was a little better and also that was the day I went to the fifteenth year and knew evil.
  • the worst year

    the worst year
    The third year of high school I had a little better time because I had already socialized much better with my friends and classmates and I was already developing better, until the fifteenth-year-old girl began to make me feel bad and to manipulate emotionally so for him comipens was very bad for me .. but I do not feel bad about dodne I am stopped thanks to that
  • enter the cetis 49

    enter the cetis 49
    It was the comipems and already in June while I was at a family party I found out that I had stayed at the cetiss 49. I remember that it gave me so much sadness that I cried as if I had never cried.
  • the loss of my grandfather

    also that same year my great-grandfather passed away so it affected me a lot since even though he was someone very big and it was hard for him to listen. used to pass
  • the true love

    the true love
    the true love
    when I entered cetis 49 I felt that nothing mattered and that everything was the most horrible thing that had happened to me and even more because I was alone.
    But during the propedeutico course I met my current girlfriend and who is my everything and the love of my life because from the first moment I knew that it would be like that and we have been together for two years. if I had paid more attention to those details. I would not have suffered from loneliness at all.

    This year I went to a party and my cousin played swarm covers and while I was listening to them I was very happy to take their songs. and I hope to continue saving money to go see them in Oxacaca
  • the pandemic

    the pandemic
    in March 2020 just after the day of love and friendship. The pandemic began in Mexico and we all took shelter in our homes to keep our families safe, but if I had been the president, I would have started the quarantine since December 2019
  • learn to drive

    learn to drive
    I learned and that I still have not mastered very well due to my fear and my panic attacks, is driving since I started taking a course in 2020, more than anything to support my maternal grandparents, already How big they are, and if there is an incident, my brother and I will help in whatever way we can to take them where they have to go. One of the things that discourages me is that my brother is not afraid because while he already knew how to drive I was just learning.
  • my scam

    my scam
    In 2021 in the months of January my grandparents helped me buy a car to continue learning to drive and use it in the little town where I live and after searching we got a 1998 black chevy but it was a mess since it didn't have good things for what it We invested a lot and in the end we sold it
  • the actuality

    the actuality
    It was very funny and moving to make this timeline because while I was doing it I was investigating about family photographs, of the past, I remembered good moments that happened in my life. If I had paid attention to my past I would have enjoyed it even more