Midterm Review Timeline (Brooke Wishart, D period)

  • Jan 20, 1526

    Mughal Empire

    !526-1858. Muslim Empire that controlled parts of India
  • Enlightment

    (Late 17th-18th century) People belived that humans could use 3 goals to to achive: knowledge, freedom, and happiness.. They thought they could use these instead of religious teachings to help them undertand their world.
  • Formation of the National Assembly

    June 13,1789- JUly 9,1789. The third Estate formed the National Assembly. The goal was to pass laws and reform in the name of the Friend people.
  • Tennis Court Oath

    When the National Assembly was locked out of the meetinig hall they ended up breaking into ad tennis court. This is where they made a pledge to keep metting there until they created a new constitution for France.
  • Reign of Terror

    During the 1793-1794, the Reigh of Terror killed many inasant lifes. Their lifes were taken by a guillotine. Two deaths were King Louis and his wife, Marie Antoinette.
  • War of Knifes

    An disagreement started between Louverture and Rigaud. Both were the two main sources of power in the colony. Louverture controlled the north and west regions, Rigaud controlled the south. the disagreement was over which interests would be promoted in this sociey. This lasted for about a year. But it ended with Louverture overcoming Rigaud with the help of the British.
  • Congress of Vienna

    (1814-1815) A series of meetsing in Vienna that set up policies to achive a goal. The goal was for a new European order- one of collective security and stablilit for the entire continent. This was supposted to be scheduled for just four weeks but instead went for eight months.
  • Tready of Kanagawa

    An agreement bewteen the US and Japan. Japan agreed to open up two ports to US trade and establish an embassy in Japan
  • Sepoy Mutiny

    A rebellion of the Hindu and Muslim soldiers against the British in India
  • Meiji Era

    Between 1867-1912. The period of Japanese during which the country was ruled by Emperior Mutsuhito
  • Berlin Conference

    (1884-1885) A meeting at which fourteen European nations divided Africa
  • Opium War

    This war was Between Britian and China. (1839-1842) This started with Britian's opium trade in China. Britian importers were smuggling opium into their country. China didnt agree with this so called it war
  • Treaty of Nahjing

    An agreement bewteen China and Britian that ended the Opium War. Britian received Hong Kong in this agreement
  • Boxer Rebellion

    A rebellion in China, aimed at the ending foregin influence in the country. But rebellion failed, but showed great reasons
  • Partition of India

    India was serpertated into the states of the Dominion of Pakistan and the Union of India. India was serperated on the day of gaining independence form British due to tensions bewteen the Hindus and the Muslim living in the Country. After 350 years India gained independence